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Smriti Gupta Jan 2019
Our love story was untold like every love story,
It was our victory, our own glory!
It all started with a simple and sweet proposal...
She didn't find it perfect and so followed a refusal.

They chatted day and night,
But still there was something and so she was quiet.
Finally one day it all worked out...
He was so happy it made him shout

Everyone one was glad they were together,
Their joyance made the atmosphere touch the feather.
Days passed with the same pace,
But they were unaware about the world's face.

Then came the romantic month unusual.
It was all beautiful but the other half wasn't suitable.
Their families got them separated in all ways,
They weren't in contact for many a days.

Later life got a turn and they had to be together,
And so they decided to make it forever.
This time they thought of keeping it private,
So they could ease the conditions and survive it.

In this love story their enemy was not the society...
But the same people who call them their first priority.
They still live in the same was with each other,
And look at the stars together... Which makes the moment last forever.
Smriti Gupta Dec 2018
Unknown to every one we settled down,
All had entered from the same door brown.
Some smiled while the others cried,
All I did was to look at the blackboard wide.

Within a few days we learned to be glad.
We all enjoyed but still some were sad.
Everyone started making new friends,
All because of boredom and lends.

Ma'am Mala who taught us everythng was so sweet.
In the lunch break the view of the class wasn't so neat !
I selected the set of humans I loved,
Within them one was my dove.

We grew up together playing, enjoying, dancing and crying...
Our confined brains dealing with the heart's dying.
From watching dragon tales with breakfast,
We moved to studying till 12 past

Abuses we said day and night,
But they never made us fight...
Java codes were too long to understand,
But friend's story always continued with another 'and'.

All these moments don't need a backup,
Somwhere between ABC & Aey! BC we all GREW UP.

— The End —