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smalltalk Feb 2018
It is, in the interactions of humankind
Where one can find
The most remarkable and despicable of peculiarities
In love and in war
In both the trivial and the grave
smalltalk Dec 2017
Mirror mirror keep me young
I’m not through having fun
Time won’t heal all the damage done

Generation: Live just once
But once was not enough
A tired soul needs a pick-me-up

The sun comes up while I’m still out
I’m running out of lines
The conversation always seems to die

If growing up is compromise
I never got it right
You can’t burn something out that isn’t bright

I’m not looking for salvation
I’m looking for a crutch
Give me my drugs

I don’t mean to stare at such a pretty face like yours
It takes me to a place when I was more
Give me my drugs
smalltalk Dec 2017
I descended from the clouds
Into the darkness of my room
It was merely moments before
That there was
Guacamole on the shower floor

The clumps of pastel green
Against the smooth and smeared
Atop the porous pavement soaked
The timid light of a hazy day
Poured through the window grey

As if I were to slather a cake
I scraped and scraped
To build little mountains that slid away
Rusty drain bled swirls of red
To greet the green and to my dread

I drove a hearty scoop into my mouth
The taste of blood caressed my throat
But I ate and ate, then ate some more
What does it mean?
To eat guacamole off the shower floor
smalltalk Dec 2017
How she flows
Through the world
With light

A kind face; a beaming smile
Alone but not lonely

They steal her words
Because they cannot steal her heart

Yet she flows
With strength
smalltalk Dec 2017
We stray from the stranger’s gaze

Not because
The eyes bare the soul

But because
They may see inside it

And cannot see its beauty

— The End —