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Kieran Jun 2020
Twinkle twinkle little far

Now I'm over what you are

Once upon a mountain view

Every love I ever knew
Kieran Jun 2019
For the traffic in my head
I wait.
Encryptions take time
to gaze at traces
rhyme with sound.
Make on Earth you
see through crime
way with words
spend all the howl listen
Kieran May 2019
Try not to clear(s) the forest in search of means to break through,
pulling with outlasting fate.

Behind you sky, the miles I ponder
About the lie of how we've come to as a race.
Kieran Apr 2019
Pandemonium I've become
broken wares and no answers slips
my tongue tentacular and made of onion.
On second thought look up lost and find in decadence
the second our eye-
Thinking for a few
Kieran Mar 2019
Time stop . for I float

My Red Ribbon days . rain away

Shelter find me . block the storm

Hear my heart . as if to say

Held like fire . I'm my own

A star, chaotic . live as now

All I know is . cameras rolling

Remind me that . there's more than down
Kieran Jan 2019
Ignore that I'm a mess.

Never mind that I have 0 interest in what you think about it.
Kieran Jan 2019
If I was forgotten

You moved on

— The End —