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Slim Cedano Apr 2013
Remember when we were in love?
We stood by each other no matter what
Your beef was mine
A love sublime.
My best friend, my brother,
My protector & lover.
You ran away like a thief in the night.
My heart, you stole, along with the stars that light up my sky.

From Slim <3
With Love
Slim Cedano Apr 2013
Y porque te llaman viralata?
Te gusta virar latas?
Me pregunto si es porque tu tienes hambre? Claro que si. busca algo de comer porque no has comido en dias. Ven aqui, viralata te gualde una comida cocinada ha tu gusto. Lo quieres viralata? No? Prefieres comer de la basura viralata? Pues, bien provecho viralata. Que disfrute!
Slim Cedano Apr 2013
Caviar dreams and welfare nightmares.
All I'm trying to do is eat.
Why does it have to be so hard just to feed my seed?
A decent meal, a pair of fresh kicks for his fat feet.
Some say I chose this life but the ***** chose me.
It's probably so I can open my eyes and see
That **** wasn't so bad and how it could be.
The universe is shining light. It's telling me "Yea, it could be worse".
Uneducated, I could really be lost in this world.
Thinking the only way out is a basketball dream
Or moving work to stunt while pushing a beam.
My only hope is that my words reach the masses.
Cause I'm not the type to wait on $13 an hr in some nursing classes.
From Slim With Love

— The End —