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Skipping Stones Jun 2016
the ritual
was draped
in ember

assemblage of eyes
watched-- so curious,
but oblivious

in the flickering fire,
it wasn't

a campfire
for the ancestry of sorrow,
it was

where crimson sap
partaken in abundance— 
from their own slaughter of Caesalpinia,

never could quench
the history
of rueful roots
Skipping Stones Jun 2016
some time ago,

the chilly blue air
watched the taming
of a red day

persistent memories


patina on walls
and conversant tokens


sepia on pages
and incessant prints

such, was this long time ago—
story of losing control
Skipping Stones Jun 2016
one foot outside the door
whistle of air brushed your hair
a curious deep breath turned
the blue stood right there
leaving no mind to the red
Skipping Stones Jun 2016
12-meter deep
to hurt your ears
reclaim, your hold

18-meter deep
to calm your eyes
life, behold

a thousand and one
to meet and greet
be it under the blue
or under the green

the gobies hide
the corals wave
an infinitesimal
wondrous grace
Skipping Stones Jun 2016
cerulean dream

mingles with
cobalt blue

reflected upon
the ocean
without rue

frolicking with

the tang
atlantic blue
Skipping Stones Jun 2016
schulz' gang
spins klutzy comical
situations, worthy
of syndication
for its contribution
in the funnies section
Schultz print syndication
Skipping Stones Jun 2016
again and again
   we watch
yesterday's paper
   wheeled out
folded, bound
   for the dumps
its pulp reborn
   for today's paper
and the headlines
   reprint itself
over and over
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