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Samantha Kathryn Apr 2011
Oh, Life. How do you do the things you do?
How do you make everything feel all right? How do you make everything ok?
How can you turn happiness to sadness in an instant? How do you do it?
I wish I understood your ways, Life. I wish I knew how you can do these things.
One day, I know I will. But right now, you’re still a mystery to me.
I can’t wait for the day I realize everything I’ve ever questioned, to see if it was right or wrong.
I can’t wait for the day I feel completely at peace with my mind and soul.
I know that when that day comes, it will be absolutely wonderful.
But I need your help, Life. You need to help me figure some things out.
Please stand by my side in my times of need. Please lend me your shoulder when I’m sad.
Please lend me your arms for a hug when I’m happy. Embrace me with what you have to give to me.
Mislead me only if you’ll help me find my way to the right path again. Don’t leave me hanging.
And if you do, help me to help myself back up again. Is this reasonable for you, Life?
Please let me know as soon as possible. I’d love your feedback. It would mean the world to me.
You know I love you, Life. You know I care. I always have and I always will.
Let me know that you feel the same as I do, Life. My door is open to you, just give it a knock.
Samantha Kathryn Aug 2010
how lovely a cloudy day can be.

it is surprising how much happiness a grey day day can bring.

everyone needs a cloudy day once in a while.

they help us to appreciate the wonderful green and sunlit days that come after the grey ones... <3
Samantha Kathryn Jun 2010
And so the day begins with a breath of fresh air, the sun beaming down on us.

With a sky so blue there’s bound to be something new to discover.

Setting a bare foot on the green grass, feeling the earth beneath you…

A feeling so exhilirating and free.

Let us breathe in the happiness and freedom of the new day.
Samantha Kathryn May 2010
there is not enough time in this world to hate.
hating is a waste of time, time that could be spent enjoying life, laughing, and loving.
there is only enough time in this world to be happy, to be sad.
to be angered or frustrated.
just as long as after the storm, you realize all that's left to feel is happiness.
that behind every grey cloud there is a great golden sun waiting to cheer you up,
waiting to bring you happiness and warmth from the skies above.
Samantha Kathryn Feb 2010
you are never alone.
everyone you have ever met... is within you always.
when the physical is gone, no longer present,
the soul spirit rests inside your deepest memories,
locked within the depths of your

Samantha Kathryn Jan 2010
do you feel it, do you feel it in the air?
everyone can, everyone is
it's time to jump in and e m e r s e yourself
in the feeling of the century
you won't regret the true feeling
of absolute b l i s s
you'll keep wanting it, you can keep getting it
just r e l a x
t a k e  y o u r  t i m e
try not to lose your mind
let it flow, let it go
and most of all, take it s l o w

— The End —