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Simon Wick Mar 2013
Everyone says love comes with pain,
As if its impossible for there to be sun without rain
But to me, that just can not be right
For love is good, purer than light.

What hurts is when that love is gone.
That is when you wish you could run.
You want to catch it, hold it, keep it.
But trying to hard will only break it.

Do not blame love when you are broken
For it's your own fault for always hoping.
Love does not hurt, it heals a broken heart.
For its the absence of love that tears it apart.

Do not blame love when you are in pain,
It is not the sun that makes it rain.
Instead blame the person who took love away
That's how you were broken, there is no other way.
Simon Wick Mar 2013
I tried to give up compassion
But that's something I can't ration
'Cause I'm overflowing with passion,
But when happiness starts crashin'
I get lost in depression
Now my feet are dragging
and my head is hangin'
While I am walking
But once I am home
The walls I am banging
Even swans recognize the song that I'm singing
The mournful song that shows I am dying
My soul that once was flying
Now is just crying
Despite all that I'm trying
There ain't no one buying
The lies I am telling
"I'm fine, I'm not crying
I swear, I'm not lying"
But I'm wearing a mask
There ain't no question to ask
That will get the truth, so please do not ask
Just leave me to bask
In this pool of self pity
Because nothing is pretty
And my mask hides all beauty
I have only duty
To die for this world
Without holding a girl
For my head to twirl
And get lost in the world
Lost in the rage
As I walk on my stage
To fight for my life
With no weapon, no knife
Just me and my fists and the others the same,
I'm expected to **** yet I don't know his name
I'm lost in the fight
I've lost what is right
I **** for money
Every single night
I sold my should to war
And I don't know what for
I wish I could say this fight was my last
But the next fights already started, life's going too fast.
I wish I could lost
I'm ready to die
Will you beat me please?
Let my soul fly!
Simon Wick Mar 2013
I know not what beats,
For my heart has gone.
I know not what races,
For my heart has run.

I have no heart,
It has run away.
But I worry not,
For with you it lays.

While it's with you,
With love it will burn.
Now may I ask,
For yours in returns?

I'll always be yours,
But will you be mine?
Please let me call you
My valentine.
Simon Wick Mar 2013
One cold morning While I walked down a road,
My head hanging sad, thinking I was alone.
I found an old man who sat on the side,
He shouted at me "Come, boy, let me give you a ride!"

I looked at him odd, shout "You foolish old man!
You have no car, are you barking mad?"
He laughed right back, replied "I may be a fool!
But because I know that, I'm wiser than you!"

I turned to confusion, and nearby took a seat.
Wondering what a man I happened to meet.
"How can you be wise, yet know you're a fool?"
"Because I've already learned from the same mistake as you.

You left with your head high, walking all alone,
yet never did you figure out where you were to go.
I made the same mistake when I was young.
I wish it was a song unsung.

I was confused, I knew not what I wanted.
I was making mistakes, for my heart was haunted.
With indecision, it'd shake and shiver.
And would always change the decisions delivered.

I made great mistakes, I payed for these crimes
I made the excuse, I was going through tough times.
It's just a rough patch, I'll change when things look up,
but they never would until I would grow up.

As I speak to you, I ask you don't ruin your life.
Stay away from a drug, delivered by a knife."
My heart just stopped, how could he know?
I always wore a shirt so the marks would not show.

He leaned in close, and whispered in my ear.
"No matter where you go, I will be near.
Things will get better when your ready to change
when you give up pain, and surrender your rage.

There are better ways to get a rush,
like winning a race, and falling in love.
just walk with a smile, know an angel's out there.
with her beautiful face, you'll find her somewhere.

Know you can get a job, and you can be happy.
I swear it is true, you can trust me.
you can be a success, you can be a star
you can be whatever you want, whoever you are.

But now I must leave, it's time for my depart.
Remember me always, there in your heart."

I fell to my knees, "I'm sorry for my sins!"
He looked down to me, and asked "What sins?"
I told him everything, of the knife against skin
I told him how I was in love with adrenaline.

He looked down to me, and gave me a laugh.
"That is not love, for love will always last.
No love is a sin, what you have is lust.
But breaking these urges will be a must.

I know who you are, and I know how you feel,
you think this will be forever, but your fate is not sealed.
You have reached your destination, I gave you a ride.
I'll allow you calling me a fool, this once to slide.

Promise me one thing, you will change your life.
So I will not live, addicted to the knife."
I felt tears down my face, I woke in a cold sweat.
I finally understood the man I had met.

I was so very happy, I nearly cried.
I knew that some day, I could stand with pride.
I had finally found, what I needed was help.
For the man that I met, was my inner self.

I talked with a stranger, and we spoke for so long
I learned everything, and my depression was gone.
I walked hundreds of miles, alone with my thoughts.
And I saved myself, from all of my doubts.

And now I go to sleep, curled up in bed.
I see my sharpest knife, no longer a threat
I smile to myself, knowing where I must go.
and knowing I'll never, again be alone.
Simon Wick Mar 2013
I truly believed
That I was finally free
But your cold addictive fangs
Are still hooked into me.

I thought I was done,
I though I didn't have to run
Because I didn't see you
I thought I could move on

But now you've drug me back,
You've delivered another attack
Once more I'm at war
But I don't know how to strike back.

I try to wash away the crime,
Wash the blood and the grime,
But it only shows the sin
And proves that there will never be a time.

I am hooked for life,
To the cold love of a knife,
To the stone cold heart
And a soul that knows no right.

And so I march at night
When everything feels right
When my heart is numbed by the cold
and my soul is not blinded by light.
Simon Wick Mar 2013
How I'd like to Fade Away,
How I'd like to Run Away.
How I'd like to smash my heart,
and die so I'd be free today.

Crap builds up,
Life just *****
You don't know why,
but it's just too much.

You know the fix,
You know it's quick,
But only that,
the problems still pick

At the edges of my soul
as my eyes fade to dull
I feel as if I'm going mad
Of anger, I am always full.

Why? Why do I suffer so?
Why is it so hard to say no?
Or should I give up?
Should I just go?

I just wish that I could run
Be free of all this and be done
But I made a commitment that I won't break.
Until my mind is completely gone...
Simon Wick Mar 2013
I'm cold
All alone,
Walking down a road
And my heart goes

boom boom boom

Then I see your face
Your pretty smile
After it's been a while
I feel my heart's style

Boom Boom Boom

Then I feel your touch
Your embrace
Of love I get a taste
And my heart begins to race


Then we part,
I'm alone again,
I know I'll see you, but not when
My heart slows back down then

Boom Boom Boom

Once more
I'm alone on my feet
But you still give reason for my heart to beat
And it calmly awaits until we next meet

boom boom boom
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