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CL Antonio Nov 2021
She's an early bird like a morning sunrise.
She cooks so well like a fair maiden fairy.
She open the curtains like an angel in disguise.
She cleans our sweet home finely.

Sometimes when she's extremely angry,
Her whole world frowns and cry like a thunder storm.
Maybe she's beauteous but definitely scary.
But deep down inside of her red core, she's really warm.

Be fond of her weary smile with all your heart.
She will give you more love than you ever do.
In her life, you are the best part.
Being whatever or whomever you are, she still accepts you.

Let your close ears open and hear her guidance.
Because when her golden clock ticks' stop,
There will be no chance.
You can't turn back time for whatever you drop.

Keep her heart-sayings when she's still there.
Healing your wounded heart like a white witch.
Even you're out of nowhere,
She still finds you in her wide ocean beach.

Always waiting for your comeback.
Willing to listen about your untold story.
Remember, she always have your back.
Always accepting our unending sorry.

We are the children of her beautiful Earth.
We should accept, understand, and love her wholeheartedly.
Because she take care of us in her living watery oval before our birth.
And she is our Mother Earth Lily.
This poem was dedicated for my mother.
CL Antonio Nov 2021
Why my heart is aching when you're feeling sad?
It feels like pricking by the cactus' thorn.
Sitting in the corner, yourself is you only had.
Turning up your head, you shout like a bullet horn.

Closing your swollen teary eyes,
Wishing you to stop from crying.
Cooling down your head like an ice,
Wishing your mind stop from draining.

Don't let your heart be filled with sadness anymore.
Don't let your eyes be filled with tears again.
May yourself be free from the dark core.
May your heart be free to numb all the pain.

I'm right here by your side,
Like a wind that didn't even perceive.
I'm all ears for your pains that you hide,
Let your stress out to relieve.

I'll take care of you with my ****** hands,
I hope you take it like a gift.
Seeing your happy smile lands,
Makes my heart drift.

Did you know that I always looking at you?
Watching your kind gentle face from afar.
Waiting for you to look at me back the way I do.
Trying hard to read your deep thinking mind so far.

Unwittingly meeting you is like a blissful kiss,
My whole world stops out of the blue.
Now I know why am I being like this,
Because I am in love with you.
CL Antonio Mar 2021
You look like a koala bear.
Your eyes is blinking like a water.
The way you eat, your cheeks gets chubbier.
The way you smile, it's getting bigger.

Be good to me and I will be good too.
If you are scared, I will be right here for you.
Staying by your side is all I can do.
Sorry if I keep sticking with you.

I can't help myself thinking about you.
I can't help myself secretly looking at you.
I can't help myself missing you.
And I can't help myself falling in love with you.

Every night..

I hope you appreciate this fragile heart of mine.
Please take care of it like a dime.
Because it will end like a straight line.
But thank you for the good time.

Sometimes, our hearts will be dark.
If you light it up, there will be a spark.
In our hearts, someone will leave a mark.
It may be scream like a dog's bark.

Four leaf clover is love.
So hard to find but lucky to have.
It may feel flying like a dove,
It may feel like heavens above.

— The End —