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One day we’ll stop waiting for change.
One day we’ll see the error of ours ways.
One day we’ll lose our love of power.
One day it will not rain, but shower.
One day animals will mean as much as us.
One day we’ll all walk instead of taking a bus.
One day the business man will smell a rose.
One day the poet will write prose.
One day blood will make us drop to our knees.
One day we’ll swim in all the seas.
One day the president will find the light.
One day we’ll hold hands & not just fight.
One day our whole earth will be green.
One day we’ll all find our perfect love scene.
One day we’ll all go natural and free.
One day we’ll have peace without having to plea.
  One day the world will be one.
I seem to forget how fragile are the strong.
And I'm sorry I can't talk to you in person,
your face just makes my words melt away...
I hope that explains why you never understand me.

But I want you to know why I left...

I'm giving up love, my dear.

But if one day you want to shoot me a letter,
that would be perfectly okay.
But if you now and forever hate me,
that's okay too.
Because that's what love's about,
& that's why I'm giving it up.

But I hope I see you around again.
Today I thought you'd be next to the magazine stand,
right outside like you usually are.
But, when I got there,  you weren't.

At first I thought you were avoiding me,
and then I tried to put that out,
because you didn't know me and I didn't you.

So, I guess one day is not anything to go by.

But life isn't about waiting for the boy next to the magazine stand,
or sending stupid emails to strangers,
or second guessing your foolish thoughts.

I think life is about the unpredictable,
because that's just what life is.

You're unpredictable,
& now I'm unpredictable,
& that's life.
Some people matter,
Some people don’t.
Some things make you cry,
Some things make you hope.

In that very second,
You didn’t notice the memory,
That it would make when you were gone,
Or what you’d dream about & see.

But someone said the light
Would shine through,
They said it real slow
Hoping it would effect you.

But you said,
the end would never come.
You said,
that summer would last forever,

and it sure seemed,
like it did.
and it sure seemed,
like you just hid,

behind those words.

yes, behind those words.
Spiraling towards the ground again
Worst place that I’ve ever been
Tearing through the floor to start
The battle;  the worst part.

But here he comes,
The solution to my problem.
And here he stands,
The ke$ha to my bass drum.

And brett,
A five letter word may seem so simple.
But brett,
You’re my savior when I’m feeling down,
You turn my whole world upside down,
Oh brett,
Never leave my side. : )

[repeat chorus]

He always knows just what to say,
Always just to make my day.
And when my tears start to fall,
He finds a way to change it all.

And here he comes,
My superhero.
And here he stands,
The pick to my fro. :P

[repeat chorus x2]

Oh, brett,
Never leave my side. : )
Partir, c'est dur.
Mais pas quand c'est facile.
Regarder est facile,
mais pas quand c'est dur.

Des morceaux de la pomme sont toujours là.
Sur la table, il est encore plus claire.

S'il vous plaît ne me laissez pas tomber.

Leaving is hard.
But not when it's easy.
Watching is easy,
but not when it's hard.

Pieces of the apple are still here.
On the table makes it even clearer.

Please don't let me fall.
bring your chair over here
& place it next to mine.
don't let me catch you
second guessing your mind.
fill in my fingers with yours.

I try to read but I keep losing my place.
I've got a good mind to tell you
I love you, but that's not the case.
let me explore your world.

we're falling, falling faster
than gravity can control us.
faster than the wind can
carry us. faster than the city bus,
for sure. I've found a cure.
tell me when you're ready, for this..
tell me when you're ready, for bliss.

call me up & say hello.
tell me where you're willing to go.
are you afraid ?

laugh; but only if you want to.
cry; I'm hoping you'll never have to.
we'll never be afraid.

[repeat chorus)

since when did fear conquer love ?
I don't know how to tell you.
since when did fear conquer love ?
I'm deciding on what to do.
because I love you...

[repeat chorus)
Being scared to tell someone you love them. ♥
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