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The sadness flowing,
through the cold, sharp cutting air,
will it ever go away?
On our way to Fortbragg, the scenery was green all around, with
tall trees, grey skies and ocean breeze.
We arrived, mid afternoon, the sun hiding behind the gloomy clouds. The  mist, flowing through
the air, tickling our faces as we walked along the beach.
As we ran through the sand we came upon a cave, deep, dark, & creepy.
The starfish sticking all along the walls, running through the cave, frightened of what we might find.
We came to an opening, there we found a beautiful, sandy area, with a small stream running through
the sand, shells and starfish laying around, butterflies and small insects flying
around, dancing over our heads.
The tide was rising, the water caught up to our feet. The freezing ice water scared us away.
Climbing rocks, and enjoying the peace and quiet the ocean brought to us. The memory, plays
in the back of my head, to this day.
I can't help but think of you since that day,
Now everytime i see you i don't know what to do.
Everytime you walk by i don't know what to say,
I wish i could hear you say, i love you too.
Whenever i hear your beautiful name,
It brings nothing but sadness to my heart,
I know that you won't ever feel the same,
I just really wish we could restart.
I am missing you
I wonder when I'll hear from you again
I hear your voice call my name
I see you in my dreams
I am missing you.
I pretend that I'm okay
I feel like i don't exist to you
I touch the scars you left me
i worry about you
I cry when i read your letters
I am missing you.
I understand that you don't want to see me
i say i don't care, but i do
i dream about the times we've spent
i try to forget the memories, but they just stick
i hope you're okay cause,
I am still missing you.

— The End —