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Leave aside your spiritual hunger,
There’s enough wisdom in generational ideals.
Leave aside your worldly exposures,
There’s enough comfort in familial misery.
Leave aside your vindictive allergies,
You’ll crawl for societal acceptance anyway.
Leave aside dark undertones & this poetic licence,
In spite, light breeds light every single day.
Siddharth Ray Jun 2021
Chal paddi thi gaadi taka tak
Hawa shayad thoda zaada hi bhar diya
Befikri ka safar, aa pohoncha uss keel par
Tamasha, shayad thoda zaada hi bhar diya
Ab pahiya toh tha rubber ka hi
Humara kya isne kadar kiya
Gir pade hum, lag gayi chot    
Fir humare dard ne bhi asar kiya
Ab iss keel ko bhi hum kya koosein
Kambakht hai toh yeh lohe ka diya
Sadak se dosti ki aas hum hi laga baithe
Bhool gaye ki yeh toh hai bas ek zariya
Humne kaha kuch pal yahin bita lein
Puncture banane ka kaam fir shuru kiya
Pahiya toh fir bhi chal jayega janaab
Yeh reh jayega banke chhed,
Humne na kissi se kabhi zikr kiya
Siddharth Ray May 2021
Sitting at the mountain top
Do you ever plan the descend?
A journey that might be worth a ponder
Often vapid when there's a peak to defend
But perhaps for a little while
Humor me, your old wise friend
Do your sorrows & sighs still surprise you?
Same old patterns that just pretend
A mutiny within you, as are left to flail
Submerging your skyscrapers like an old trend  
And then you cry your every brick down
For there's nothing left for you to fend
Maybe, just maybe you should this time    
Look at me longer while you have time to spend
The fresh powder will give new dots to connect
Put on that snowboard, with me you can blend
Sliding down a slippery ***** might scare you
But a new story is waiting to be penned
At base when you do reach, look back and say hello
Take my echos as a sign, a sign to make amends
Siddharth Ray Oct 2020
That well was full
Plenty, for me and you
Showers that weren't yet,
Dried of its scented dew
The windows spared us
Of despair in the August truth
While blood rushed within us
It appeased of a Beethoven's brew
I sighed, "hey you little gamine"
"This is Symphony through and through"
Perhaps even the No.5
But more likely the No.2
And we light that last cigarette
Ash that turned air in a few
What could have been was the discord
As Ludwig shook his head and blew
Siddharth Ray Jun 2020
Dil se hai, woh ek enigma
Magar zubaani pesh hai gaali
Kabhi samjho iss coconut nut ko bhi
Fitratt saaf hai, fitoor mawaali

Ab daayein gaye toh bhi galat
Aur left me bhi kismat bawaali
Inka ghussa rahe danke ki chook pe
Aaya tha samachaar haali

Jo gaye toh gaye ab unka kya
Unko sunna tha rock, humne gaya kawaali
Unne koshish ki lafz decode karne ki
Gehra meaning nahi hai bhai,
Khoopdi hai ekdum khaali!
Siddharth Ray Feb 2020
Unclose, but in vain
She brushed off her integrity
With bags underneath her eyes
She looked at me in pity
Said a thousand things
With that cold blunt stare
My vanity, my existence
Uncloaked, she left me bear
And I asked her if
What she's done was right
Smiles and says you aren't alone
Others too have suffered your plight
But empty is you
If you feel it in your bone
Justice is frivolous for most
You must keep holding your own!
Siddharth Ray Feb 2020
Bhaiyon aur behnon
Aao karein charcha unki
Jinki leh na bahe toh
Hojata hay ghanghor apraadh
Fir mehek achi ** ya buri
Dil mein bas reh jati hay baat
Zaika hai inka bhi anokha
Magar chonk ke bina kaisa swad
Aao karein charcha unki
Jisse hum khetey hain jasbaat
Apni marzi ke yeh hain maalik
Time par dikhate hain aukaat
Kabhi bina namak,
Aur kabhi cheeni *** ** toh
G par dil khol dete hain laath
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