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Shweta Sinha Sep 2013
Beauty means full of beautiful expressions,
not the pretty ones.
It can be a sensation,
even a fashion.

Beauty lies inside,
Not outside.
It is self made
Not anyone’s shade.

Beauty can be the best thing happened to us,
Nothing worst can change its lust.
It just has to be taken care,
As even in the world there is not any spare.
Shweta Sinha Sep 2013
In the morning of haze set a heart on ablaze
all is finished with it even the craze
as the ashes faze, the birds gaze
all is now gone with the blaze.

Minds and faces of feminist cry
some show, some shy
everything is happening with a sigh
and slowly the days passed and so the nights.

Days later it again struck my mind,
remembering that day that time
all was going and so they mimed the crime
no shame lingered their minds.

In the morning of haze set a heart ablaze
it was of nobody but a baby girl of that time.
It is a poem written, highlight killing of a girl child in this fast paced world.

— The End —