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Sherrie Dotson May 2013
From morning to night
I think of your kiss
From morning to night
I dream of such bliss

From morning to night
I see your face
From morning to night
I remember our love

I still feel you here

So much time has passed
Yet our love still remains

The years have been so long
But not time stands still like an eternal flame

I remember the day we met
I remember when you said yes

I remember the sun on your hair and the rain on your skin
I remember the light in your eyes  and the love you shared

Even when you are gone
Somehow I still feel you here

(written here as a poem, but first written as song lyrics)
Sherrie Dotson May 2013
What lies beneath the surface?
Am I taking too much for granted?
Am I trusting unwisely - again?

My pain is my own.
It hides behind locked doors of my own making.
No one is allowed inside.
Not even me.

I mustn't let the pain out.
It will destroy my fortress.
The pain will destroy me; nothing will be left.
There is no one to witness my defeat.

Truth lies beneath the surface.
Without trust, nothing is taken.
If I do not trust, I do NOT LOVE.

All that is left is Pain.
Sherrie Dotson May 2013
The stars roll across the night-time sky.
The wind blows the clouds across the moon
The path is shadowed by their shimmering flight
Sound is silenced in the quiet of this night.

Roses fill the garden
Their scent fills the air
Magic shimmers in the making
As I walk the path there.

Past, Present, Future
Rolling together in the mix
Questions without answers,
So many problems I must fix.

Weaving a web of magic
I ask questions in the light
The Mother's moon shines down on me
Providing Answers in the night.

I follow the Mother's Wisdom
I bathe in the Light
Knowing only Love
From the Givers of All Life.
Sherrie Dotson May 2013
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
Turned another way is:
"A lie for a lie, a truth for a truth."

"Something for nothing."
Always means:
"Nothing is free."

I feel for people who will never know how to feel.
I love the people who will never learn to love.
I learn from the people who will never learn.
I hear for the people who will never hear, speak for the people who will never speak, and live for the people who will never live.

I am the soul of mankind.

(This poem was written for a poetry class at my college.  It and 4 others were published in the college periodical, thus ensuring that I passed the class.)
Sherrie Dotson May 2013
The sky is dark tonight.
Dark and lonely, without light.
I wander alone on this plane,
Looking for something, some one to ease my pain.

I remember the last time I saw your face.
You cast me adrift, left me without grace.
The mask you wore was so cold, made of ice,
It seemed strange when you lived your life with such spice.

The shadows close around my head
As I remember you lying there, stone cold dead.
You left me alone to wander the night.
You left me alone without the guidance of your light.

I will remember you in my heart, always,
Praying to see your face again in the last days.
You were the one who held my heart,
And you were the one who taught me the beauty of inner art.

I love you now, as I did then.
I will love you for as long as the memories of men.
History will show my love for you,
And one day, I will lay beside you beneath the morning dew.
Sherrie Dotson May 2013
Black. Ugly. Growing.
It mustn't be allowed to fertilize.
It must be felled with a well aimed blow.
In the midst of the dozen red roses,
It is the Black Rose covered with thorns.

Pain. Blackness. Piercing Intensity.
I wonder.  I beg.  I plead.
There is no progress, only decaying emotions.
The only release possible presents itself.

Thoughts piercing my skull,
Whirling 'round, seeking escape.
Finding none, they make their own exit.
Pain ends in unconsciousness, unconsciousness in....
Sherrie Dotson May 2013
Shattered glass falls around my feet as you look away.
Shattered glass that held all my dreams.

My fears are set free from the shards laying at my feet.
Who will be my champion, now that you are gone?
My fears are realized as I watch through shattered glass
As you walk down the street.

The window that you placed around me was pure poetry.
The glass in the frames made with rose tint.
You held me in thrall with he beauty of your art,
And destroyed me when you shattered the glass.

My feet are torn as the shards bite flesh.
My blood soaks the flagstone as I try to follow you.
You leave me in misery and walk free,
Leaving me bleeding among the shattered glass of my heart.
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