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Shelby Lynn Mar 2014
I got one thing that I live by,
and that's to live each day like its your last,
because one day it will be your last [Day] and when it is,
you want people to have a good memory of you right?
Of how you lived?
Yeah... I do....
Shelby Lynn Mar 2014
Your lies consume me;
with every breath i'm burning,
oh how i believed the t r u t h
was in y o u r eyes.
Shelby Lynn Mar 2014
Me and you are friends...
You fight, I fight
You cry, I cry
You hurt, I hurt
You jump off a bridge...
I'm gonna miss your *******
For Rebekah <3
Shelby Lynn Mar 2014
You know how easy it is to just,
Pull the trigger, hit a vain, let it's all go
As long as your away from all of this ****,
Just stay strong, keep your head up,
Don't let go, remember I'll always be here for you,
We'll fight together, and win this war,
I made this for my best friend Rebekah Elizabeth, I love you, stay strong, we'll work together
Shelby Lynn Mar 2014
soon, soon, soon, that's all you ever said
just remember all because of you
I wish to be dead
you let your 'new wife' get in the way
you ruined my life
I cry myself to sleep each night
how long where you gonna keep this from me
you need to man up
I still remember the exact words
"They cant stay, I'm not taking care of other peoples kids!"
I died inside when i heard that
if only you knew how i felt
even how i feel now
things would be a lot different, i can tell you that
you never cared about me or my brother
if you cared with all your heart
we'd be with you right now
and i wouldn't be telling the world how horrible of a father you are
Shelby Lynn Mar 2014
roses are red, violets are blue
sugar is sweet, and perhaps so are you
now the roses have wilted, the violets dead
the sugar bowl's empty, and my wrist are stained red,
the sun isn't shining, the skies aren't clear
there's no silver lining, cause your no longer here
rain keeps on pouring, there's no end in sight
your laying there frozen, so far from the light
your beauty's unreal, your smile the sun
but time cant be turned, nor your actions undone
the words that you wrote, which only I read
"I love you so much; please don't cry when I'm dead"
a bond that we formed, a love that ran deep
a pain that we shared, a friend I could keep
I wanted to hold you, wipe the tears from your eyes
been there the moment you said you goodbye
I want to forget but most times I don't
I want to let go but I know I wont
tears on my face, memories burned in my head
the roses have wilted, the violets are dead
I didn't write this, I just wanted to share.

— The End —