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sheep decline Apr 2016
the porcelain bowl of control


parking lot, door ajar
too many. . . too few


in the woods at dusk, snaking down throat
cackling at weakness

mastered volume—almost silent now
near perfection...Oscar-worthy exit
never wait more than three hours

*get it out get out  OUT
sheep decline Apr 2016
the dagger
to pierce my ******,
spoke in tongues

the Word:
                                                           ­   'We shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves!’
sheep decline Apr 2016
folds over, keels over in a midday faint, too scorching for compassionate glances. . .
on display in a crowded menagerie of folks
who don't give a **** if it lives or dies?

who just want it to disappear
and refrain from disrupting
their precious status quo?

their delicate REM patterns?

their brilliant stream of thought
about what they'll **** for dinner?
sheep decline Apr 2016
each of these bruises its own galaxy
another candy bar will be named after
sheep decline Apr 2016
nothing more than
grains of bones and debris
on the ocean's grits bottom

watch the **** out—
heart murmur, erratic speech patterns. . .
mourning, filthy?

sheep decline Apr 2016
Half-***, half-wit, half-empty, half-over, half-life.
I always come in halves,

cigarette, puff-puff-pass to the wind in solitary solicitation on the balcony,
half-*** smile.
I should like to never rise again.

I think I sleep to die.
sheep decline Apr 2016
sink, sink
in lake, brain-eating amoebas await
murky waters eat heartily

the titanic of unrequited love:
*remains, unexplored

— The End —