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Shea Golden Jul 2010
Little lamb become a lion,

So you can conquer all,

Little lamb, it's time to roar,

ROAR the hinges off that door!

Roar until you feel alive,

And your soul becomes a burning light,

Shake out your mane, throw back your head,

Emit what you're keeping locked inside.

Your soul is playing hunger artist,

Except without his audience,

Replace it with a vibrant tiger,

Break free from cages that you've built.
Shea Golden Jul 2010
Have I bought the lie within 72?

My heart caves so fast,

I want to be, hold, protect, shake, love you,

My head knows it's not going to last.

Huh! GASP! NO!

Darling, don't give up hope!

There's a silver lining, how strong you are!

She seems genuine about playing down the dope,

And she really has come so far...

Brother, where art thou?

Hast theater kept you from our plight?

Yesterday, some time this afternoon, now?

When's time for your glorious battle in this fight?

Here's the thing...

I've seen her wither and bloon,

And I just assumed,

That I'd always have room for her,

Always. Forever.

But I have to let go.


Yes, have to let go.

Have to let go.

There's no lower low.

I know, I know, I know.
Shea Golden Jul 2010
When am I going to change?

Pull myself out of this pit?

Learn to love myself?

When will I learn to deal with it?

Come change, make haste,

My life source is fading away,

Bust open the doors of my heart,

Let lie what only need stay.

Let lie the generosity,

Out with the selfish and the vain,

Let lie the fierce spirit,

Let the wind take the pain.

Circle these wounds, love,

Let the phoenix descend,

one tear, one choice,

many lives to mend.

Many roads to travel,

those trails that few have dared,

those mountains few have climbed,

to hold stories few can share.

Where odds are overwhelming,

And obstacles are overcome,

And love's not overshadowed,

By faith and hope undone.

My faith and hope's depleted
I cannot see a light,

To overcome and just to love,

Just to love,
just to love.
Shea Golden Jul 2010
Just after dusk I walked in,

I catch your eyes first,

Warm just from that look,

Genuinely unrehearsed.

If it were only your eyes, your eyes,

That made my soul sing,

If it were only your voice,

your voice,
That inspires all that I bring.

It’s your mind, I find,

Sharp, unshaken, shared,

Unbridled, unmatched, understanding,


Fallen, of course,

perfect you’re not.

But it’s passion and patience

And purpose I sought.

You take my hand,

Your eyes have never left mine,

You whisper, “You’re beautiful,”

“Beauty defined.”

My reality has become

More precious than dreams,

And my weaknesses remain,

But you love those, it seems.

And I love yours, how strange…

How beaten paths can direct

And the stars can arrange,

Have a greater effect.

And the planets align,

And the traffic speeds by,

And the people they chatter,

And the frustrated sigh.

But our affection’s steadfast,

In the midst of this room,

In the midst of this life and

Universe, I assume.

My hand covers yours,

The one on my cheek,

I close my eyes and lean in,

no need to speak.

They flutter open, there you are,

Still staring, studying my face,

And the swelling feeling follows knowing

You’re in the right place.

I turn my head, kiss your palm,

Hum the tune

Of our favorite song.

Nestle closer

In your arms.

Feel your heart,

Hear your breath,

The most calming sound

My ears have met.

And the world stands still,

Just like my mom said it would.

And it melts away,

Everything’s as it should.

And somewhere far, far away,

I understand it can’t last,

The Earth’s eager to toss its seas,

The people, hungry to go fast.

But we’re tethered together,

No matter how far apart,

by the strength of our heads

and the work of our hearts.

I’m in the moment,
I choose to remain.
I choose to love,
I choose to change.

-Shea Golden
Shea Golden Mar 2010
Standing at the dock,

The wind is in her hair,

With the breeze of the sea,

Life seems fair.

She thinks to herself about the moon and the tides,

And how life can be filled with the truth and the lies.

The crash from an wave snaps her out of her trance,

Taking a deep breath she relaxes her stance;

Breathing in life and breathing out the past,

She realizes it's a perfect time to pray for this to last.

Forgetting to question her happiness she takes it all,

forgetting to slouch she wants to stand tall.

A splash from the water catches her eye,

With a honk from the horn she thanks the moon and says goodbye.

Such an unforgettable experiene in such a forgettable place,

Laughing at the irony she walks with the stars back into space.
Shea Golden Mar 2010
A million things to do and

2 millions ways to procrastinate.

All the while I miss you,

And you know I’m always late.

Mariah says I’ve gotta shake you off,

Paul of “Yesterday”, I’m sold.

You’re the light and I’m the moth,

But I don’t feel warm, I’m cold.

And tomorrow approaches, it lunges to the dawn,

The chariot comes forth,

tethered to the morning star,

My heart’s broken but the steadfast dew is on the lawn,

And my soul wonders at where I’ve been and where I am.

I want to take pictures of the people driving past,

I’m unsure of how they are or what they dream,

But their faces are each so different, and I want them to last,

I want to remember that everything is not what it seems.

Off on another tangent I go,

Can anyone keep up?

I’m circling and circling slow,

And what I have is not enough.
Shea Golden Mar 2010
Here comes Twilight,

homely in his ways,

The Night is always after him,

for his closeness to the Day.

Dawn is a distant relative,

determined in her stride.

Day and she are best of friends,

So Dawn won’t ever hide.

But Moon comes slow and silent still,

Jealous of their ties,

He’ll veil himself to hide their way,

Which aides him in his lies.

That Day and Dawn will never meet,

For how can light enjoy?

When Moon so blinds the obvious,

With his schemes and his ploys.

But Day takes heart,

Her Sun is fierce,

And his love for Dawn won’t diminish,

He’ll shine through Moon forevermore,

What must be done, he’ll finish.
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