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Aubree S Jan 2017
The raging fire,
must be crying for the impeded heart,
of whom was left behind in the black smoke.
Flaring with tension of a greedy man,
who imposters his own soul.

Blistering his self esteem,
scaring his personality,
burning away his desires.

Within the crackling sounds that reveals,
the dark overcast that's hoarding his life away.
With preflexed flames lining his positive thoughts,
that lurks between his suicidal mind.

Poisoning his lungs,
fogging his version,
restraining his voice.

His weak body erupts into a leery shadow,
collapsing beneath the shattered confidence.
Suffocating from the lack of empathy,
combusting his last breathe.
Aubree S Dec 2016
Their relationship weeps
many different shades of blue.
Feeling low-spirited, overwhelmed,
and miserable.

Her torn tears,
cause the massive fog
that puts out the fire to their passion.

Blocking her mind with hollow dreams,
cursing his destiny with her dark trust.
His cold heart freezes her warm one.
They are both suffocated by
each other’s frustration.

One major mistake: believing
that they once loved each other,
but it was only their desperation:

For comfort,
for safety,
for happiness.
Aubree S Dec 2016
I lay here on my lawn below the sunrise.
That's known for the comfort warmth,
it grants my spirit.

I release my hate into an unknown atmosphere,
as the pollution eats it away.
While my body relaxes to the,
dancing grass; that tickles my soft skin.

The smell of my grandfather garden,
shows each breath honesty.
Breathing out the paranoid headaches,
and inhaling the victory of self respect.

I listen to the silence of the trees,
sending peace into the
wonders of my mind.

Allowing me to relinquish any control,
and still feel as one with myself.

— The End —