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Shari Forman Sep 2017
Eyes narrowing inch by inch,
Worthless tears streaming down,
As I look straight ahead heartbeat racing,
Head disoriented spinning, round and round.

Shivers trill down my spine,
Cold rush seeping through emaciated bones,
Wounds against my ****** heart,
Fiery battle of crippled sticks and sharp-pointed stones.

Panic through the night,
Terror creeping through my frigid chest,
Hunting my self-worth,
Frantically hurting deep within,
Not a moment ti breathe,
not a moment to feel,
Not a moment to rest.
Shari Forman Mar 2017
"Am I good enough?"
Then why do things never work out for me?
"Am I Insecure?"
Hiding inside a shell still to bloom.
"Am I strong enough?"
Streams fall down my face,so effortless.
"Do they make me happy?"
Isolating myself for as long as I could remember,
Makes me satisfied.
"Why are the blinds still shut?"
To block out the world of people with self-confidence.
I once felt a tingling sensation inside me,
That livened my blood-red heart,
That so suddenly turned to black frost,
A mal-formed work of art.
I used to shiver of the coldness,
Now I shiver at the brightness of the day,
Huddled in my cave of satisfaction,
Till death takes me far away.
They don't know the trouble I've had,
An internal wound on the brink of death,
Tears stream one last time,
As I forcefully take my last breath.
Shari Forman Mar 2017
It was my father who left me,
To discover a place of his own,
Lonely and disheartened I felt,
For a place called, "Unknown."
Baffled was I,
As to why he suddenly left me,
I trembled alone in fear,
Was I a goner soon to be?
Where have my hopes gone?
Withered away to stone,
Leaving nothing but the past,
For a place called, "Unknown."
I walk an empty path of pain,
As I shiver to the bone,
My father ruined me,
For a place called, "Unknown."
Where will I go from here?
Too much my father had shown,
A martyr my father will always be,
For a place called, "Unknown."
I wrote this when I was 16; I am not almost 21. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

— The End —