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ඇයි මාව ඉපැද්දුවෙ
මැරෙන්න බය කරල
මැරුන වගෙ ඉන්න කියලා
මම ගැන කාට කියන්නද
අනුකම්පාවෙ තුරුම්පුවක් වෙන්නෙ
ඔයා කොහොමද නිවන් දකින්නෙ
සසර තවත් දික් කරල
shanika yrs Dec 2021
I feel my legs
sound of my breath
gravity of heart
explosions all over
tingling eyes
a black hole
a divine birth
mother's bliss

enjoy being *****
an aesthetic chaos
emerge of all the arts
© shanikayrs
shanika yrs Dec 2021
they burn out of loneliness
imagine the twinge of agony
crushing all pieces to explode
though many billion years

you see the sedative light
inexplicably a massive place
universe is
© shanikayrs
shanika yrs Oct 2021
I can not survive - through the day
through this very second
I let me die
everything I write starts with my ownself
I don't know how to write - to you
But I heard God created only a one-man
One Adam and then he took off his hands
He - the universe hold something
so do all big bosses -
hear me, my lord  
you aren't a boss, you have no mercy
at least the lucifer let us to ****, as we wish
so I'll be alive at least at the moment I ****

Correction -
I should not let myself die
I should **** me
God - yes - that is what you are asking for
ever since, from the creation of Adam
you shouldn't have,
test your mastery,  
you could have watch
**** Instead
© shanikayrs
shanika yrs Oct 2021
Brother - The universe is massive
Never have found ever found the boundaries

විශ්වය ලොකුයි
තාම නැහැනෙ හොයාගෙන
© shanikayrs
shanika yrs Sep 2021
eyes getting wider - the world getting smaller
what we held - leave us behind
the universe gets bigger as the world growing to be smaller  
when the universe infinite
who are we, who am I, who are you?
wide opening eyes get fixed someday by
letting you rest in peace
cheers Rockefellers
my eyes are getting wider -
here is to all smaller becoming loners
© shanikayrs
shanika yrs Sep 2021
lemme feel eternity
keep me drunk
keep ma eyes half-closed
so I'll see, only you
© shanikayrs
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