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Second Wind Jun 2018
Close your eyes and feel the air,
it is filled with whispers.
The silent whispers of lovers,
speaking of life made simpler.

Close your eyes and breath it in,
the sweet tinge in the air,
of laughter and glee,
spilling over from a stranger somewhere.

Open your eyes and look at me,
see the ocean of love in my eyes,
staring back at you,
eyes that have been searching all their life.
Second Wind Jan 2018
I love the stars,
but I am afraid of the dark.

I live for love,
but hide in fear of a broken heart.

I love being with friends,
but I dread that I'll make a fool of myself,

So my dreams go under the bed,
and my failures are displayed on the shelf.

I have so many dreams for the future,
but nightmares fill my past.

I try to start every day with new bravery,
but it never really lasts.

I try to contain my fears,
because they are childish and insane,

But they're like a tumor
clinging to my brain.

I have recreated myself
half a dozen times.

But I never truly feel
like my mind is completely mine.

No matter how many things
terrify me time and time again.

I try my best to confront them
until one day I have control over my brain.

Until then, I'll sleep with a nightlight
and hold a loved one's hand.

One day I will overcome my fears,
one day I will take a stand.

Because my fears will never keep me
from doing what I love.

I might never be fearless, but I wont let anything stop me
and for now, that is enough.
Second Wind Nov 2017
It seems like he is my very heartbeat
The wind beneath my feet,
The air in my lungs,
The reason why every other relationship went wrong.

He is the reason why I fought on,
Why I spat out the pills and stayed strong.
He replaced every tear with laughter
Explained why I could not force my head to stay under the water.

He is so beautiful.

I have been fighting all my life,
Fighting the thoughts that cut my mind like a knife,
Like the knife, I used to decorate my body,
Thin red lines covering where a selfish monster once touched me.

But with him, it is like the battle is won,
Like the demons and monsters are gone.
With him I’m not scared half to death
Of the thoughts loose inside my head.

He is so wonderful.

He takes my breath away,
But I would choose empty lungs every day,
Because he fills them up with sighs of relief,
That spills over to my wide smile, stretching from cheek to cheek

He is the king of the hill,
He made the demons go still.
He showed me who I could be
Moreover, he reminded me…

That I am so beautiful… and I am so wonderful… I am worth the fight.
Second Wind Aug 2017
When I read what you write,
my heart yearns for your happiness.
For you to find your bride in white,
for your life to be less of a mess.

I pray for you to age with grace,
for your heart to flutter,
for you to fall asleep with a smile on your face,
content mumbles all your sleepy lips mutter.

While sitting outside,
I spend all of my shooting stars,
wishing you didn't have to hide
your broken heart and scars.

but if my prayers and wishes are denied,
I pray that you will lose your memory-
every tear you've ever cried
even if it means forgetting me.

All I want for you,
is to find the happiness you deserve.
I'll do whatever I have to do,
so you can finally find serenity on earth.
Second Wind Jul 2017
I feel like I am looking at my life

Like it is inside a snow globe,

People flying and fluttering around me,

Unaware that they are in my world.

The whole world is moving,

But I am standing still.

I am in the middle of it,

Watching it flow and spill.

I am the centre,

But I am alone.

Set apart as some say,

But I long to be a clone.

I long to touch

I long to move,

I want to belong,

I want to love.

But all I can do,

Is watch and see.

How everyone dances

Around my glass figurine.

Holding the globe in my small hands,

Filled with chaos and silence.

Holding my world, my land.

This empty substance.

I wonder if someone else

Is looking down at me.

thinking that the crowd

makes the figurine look awfully lonely.
Second Wind Jul 2017
I never thought I would feel so alone
lying right next you.
I never thought you would complain and moan,
If I tried to kiss you.

I never pictured I'd feel so much pain,
While you are lying RIGHT there.
I never believed I would go insane,
because you wont hold me after I had a nightmare.

Late at night,
When the stars come out,
I get a huge fright,
Because I suddenly begin to doubt.

It is like I don't know you anymore.
You turn your back on me.
It hurts, it is so **** sore,
Becoming more and more unsteady.

If you think the cold night is dark,
just wait till you see inside.
You lie and break my heart.
Making me want to cry and hide.

Then when morning comes,
I put on a fake smile,
I watch you drive after the sun.
I try to maintain my denial.

But every night, oh so late,
the only thing keeping me company
is the demons I create,
and I let them live with me,

because when I'm scared
I don't feel the pain.
As long as the demons are there,
I never have to be alone again.
Second Wind Jul 2017
Built to be alone,
A missing puzzle piece
With no home.

Created to stand apart,
Like a bullseye,
but there aren't any darts.

Born to a different lifestock.
A black sheep,
Without a flock.

Pieced together perfectly,
A stained glass window,
placed where no one can see.

There is no place
on this planet
for someone with a sealed fate.

Hopeless romantic,
Doomed to be alone,
withering to manic.

All the world blind
One left behind
All against one.

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