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Noelle M Eithun  Sep 2014
Noelle M Eithun Sep 2014

I could feel the blood running down my arms.
My legs.
My chest.
My back.

These old wounds were starting to bleed again.
And it was when I thought of you.

That one person who hurt you. Hurt you bad.
a gale  Aug 2014
Friday Nights
a gale Aug 2014

“Am I worth wasting
Your Friday nights with?”
I asked so nervously
As a smile crept up
Your thin lips
You said
“I’ve already wasted
So many nights
With just thoughts of you.”

a. gale

Erin Marie Dec 2016

Falling for you
wasn't gradual.
It was like skipping the
last step in the dark.
There was a moment of panic,
and then you smiled
at me and I knew,
it was too late.

-- Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

Pauline Russell Mar 2016

Standing on the ledge once again
Nothing and no one else around
Nothing to stop me from taking the plunge
Nothing but thoughts of you
Keep me on this side
So once again you saved my live
From the edge of the razors knife

Erin Marie  Nov 2016
Number six.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

And I know
that there are moments
when you wish
she was more like

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

Emily Garcia Sep 2015

As I lay in my bed
in this dark room
the silence is strident
and so is my mind.
My thoughts immediately go to
every moment of the day
my eyes grow heavy
and my body is at peace
but still
you're there
in the back of my mind.

Sillage  Aug 2014
Sillage Aug 2014

In the stars that lay beneath your skin
I struggle defining the beauty of what's above

In the seabed that is buried within your bones
I drown in the surface of a touch

In the confusion that blazes in your heart
I swirl until ignited in the thought of you

Eya  Oct 2015
stirring strong
Eya Oct 2015

around and around,

deeper and deeper,

it sinks without a sound

while the silence grows louder.

stirring strong

wandering weak

yearning you

missing me

Erin Marie  Nov 2016
10 words
Erin Marie Nov 2016

And my mind
        always finds its way
                               back to you..

colzzmacdonald Apr 2017

Imagine fields of gold and green
Imagine destiny and hope unseen
The rain falling on glistening leaves
As the manic Scottish midgies
Dance in the warm summer rays
Pouncing like a hungry wolf
For a taste of your rich blood
I hanker for you in every way
As slumber calls at the end of day
Imagine a fleeting heartbeat
A fading mind, that sees the brilliance
As the final thought of this night
Is the first at the dawn of morning sun
There amongst the finches and bluebirds song
As I sit out with morning coffee
I smile at your sparkling eyes
Like diamonds uncut and preserved
In its alluvial habitat before man has touched them
In my heart of hearts is something true
Each of my days are filled in thoughts of you

Erin Marie  Dec 2016
Number nine.
Erin Marie Dec 2016

If you want to know
how I feel about you,
just listen to the songs
that I showed you,
that night.
Because the lyrics scream
all the words I can't
seem to say.
I've tried many times but,
the words just won't
escape from my lips,
whenever you're around.
Those songs are
my unwritten love letter
to you, my dear.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage.

Erin Marie  Nov 2016
Number four.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

There I sit
turned inside out
for all to see.
I try to hide
the parts of me,
the ones you weren't
supposed to see.
They all stare,
burning holes in me,
like they know this isn't
how it was supposed
to be.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

Erin Marie Nov 2016

And your words
are like knives.
With every phrase
you cut deeper into me.
And the pieces I have left
spill out onto the table
for all to see.
I am made of nothing
but twisted organs
and thoughts of you.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage.

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