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Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
Every corner
every nook is full.
Bouquets of stars
flower over the Moon!

Lo, unleashing every
bit of the inky night
the sleeping beauty
to wake soon!

Go to the nth degree
when everything is full
look for somewhere new!
It's a full circle, full-blown
but a ceaseless moving world
to one more new angle!
Aaron L Osgood May 2019
You may have sounded so tired.
But to me you sounded so sweet.
Your voice fading away as you drift off to sleep.
Your quiet mind so quietly speaks.
A whisper i can’t hear but yet you still breathe.
Time is still going as deeper you drift.
I am still awake and suddenly your missed.
Beautifully you sleep as touching is your kiss.
So loving and warm another thing I miss.
I won’t wake you up but only stare for a while.
As happy I am if only you can see me smile.
I turn around as I say goodnight.
To try to sleep with you on this tiring night.

— The End —