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Kabelo Mthembu Nov 2015
Asking questions the answers of life
Peruse helps me to strive
Unique with rustle mind
Fight the dark moving shadow
Innocent Garvey remove the hollow
Strange witness to mellow
Improvise realise the relevance
Be the product and explore the ignorance
Division to find the sense
Walking on the roots of science,
This is identity civilisation
The origin for religion
Forsake spirit solution
Bitter uprising
The double meaning of Timbuktu
To re-evaluate
We infested with small pox
Rise for cultural primitive
Amendment of Shaaban Bin Robert
I want Wallet Vilakazi's ink
To produce life when I think
We live under tamed history
Creating endless unity
Ripped entity.

Written by Kabelo Mthembu
History involved in this writing about Writers and activists that influenced me.

— The End —