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Logan  Apr 2014
Logan Apr 2014
Stand strong and tall,
old lamppost.
Stand holy and unforgiving.
A nuisance to young teen
groping in their parents' cars

Savior to the children,
extending their parklife,
as so they may not face
age and life,
for another hour or so.

And know if your bulb ever runs out,
I'll warn the women
to stay out of the park,
after dark.
Things I write while sitting in a park. An ode?
Nick Strong Apr 2014
Take the packet firmly in the hand,
Peer at instructions, move closer
White on red, red on white,
A blur….. (Oh Parklife!)
Eyes peer harder….. Memory grasps
A distant image of mother making jelly
Move packet further away, twist in the light,
Little clues appear from the smudge
One hundred millimetres or millilitres, cubes, cut, stir
Or was it cubes, cut, stare….
**** these eyes,
Yesterday they worked fine,
When did I wake up so old?

© Nick Strong 2014
Oh to be old suddenly ... it creeps up

— The End —