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wa wa waaaa  Nov 2019
wa wa waaaa Nov 2019
is the best kind of meditation
not doing,
just being
not listening,
simply hearing
simply here

How do I write poetry
simple by being?
effortlessness is effortful
How do I show to the world
the way my brain should work
so that I appear
                          ­         articulate
                                                      ­                 d
                                                               ­        e
                                                               ­        e
                                                               ­        p
when really I feel like spurting a string of thoughts that would not make sense to anyone, including myself, in any moment but this one

**** appearance

here's me:

  (      .     .  )
(           >    )        ()()
(          =      )  __ (   )
xxxxxxxxxx            )

— The End —