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Where do I begin?
What color?

Celebrating air
With sincere smile
Blue, Green, Red
In your favor
Or, the Silver hue?

Paint You
The delighted colors
Well being senses
With no excuse
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Paint you, Blue || Paint you, Red || Paint you, Green || Paint you, all colors of joy
प्रेम छ कतै, कतै दुःख, आक्रोस, निरासा
दयाको खानि कतै, उत्खनन गरे कतै धोखा
झुटैझुटका कहानीहरु, कतै दुःख निरासा
कुसलताले झिक्न सकिन्छ सम्मानका भाषा
ज्ञानको छत्र चढाउ, अस्त्र बुद्घिको
कतै मुर्खका फणहरु, कतै स्वच्छ राह
कतै सृजनाका झरनाहरु, कतै उर्जा, उत्साह
दुबिधाका रुपहरु, कतै नीरस अन्धकार
लिलै लिलाको देख्छु यो संसार
कतै दानव मान्छेहरु
कतै मानवहरुभित्र इश्वरको वास
कतै मौनता, कतै छ मुस्कराहट
करुणाका कथा कतै, कतै कर्मका रुपहरु
उल्झन आरोप कतै, कतै संर्घष, समस्या
अविश्वास कतै, कतै रुखोपना
कृतज्ञता कतै, कतै प्रसंसै प्रसंसा
कतै संबेदना, कतै सद्गुण
प्रेम, मायाको खानी कतै
कतै निष्ठा, कतै बैराग्य
सत्य, सेवा कतै, कतै सर्मपण
लिलै लिलाको संसारमा
रहश्यै रहश्यको मुहान ।
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: अर्को प्रयास
You're in the safest place

No one can see
No one can guess
Without your permission

Inside my head
You're beautiful
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Safe Zone
You know
You are beautiful
Your mirror knows

That is enough
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Beautiful people have kind heart, compassionate mind, what makes them beautiful.

If still confused
Ask the writer
Who wrote
"About you"

See how
He will prove
You are beautiful
At birth
We all are humans

Let’s remain
The same
Genre: Inspirational Abstract
Theme: A Plea
Sun shines from the east

With respect
Let's raise
From the west
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Mutual Understanding
I'm tired

Genre: Abstract
Theme: What ultimately matters
How will you feel
If someone says

He/She would like to
A better life project
With you
Genre: Fantasy
Theme: For the believers of forever
Deep talk

These are the popped up
That get inside
The mind

In your
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The Exclusive
Against your will
He might not say
He loves you

Expect something
Worth forever

Get used to listen
"I want a daughter"
Like you
A smaller version of you
With every atom of you
With equal decency
With equal grace
With equal
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Language Of Love || Respect
Never was my favorite color

You were in pink
On the first appearance
Then, It happened

Feel your presence
In my first book
Canvas: Echoes And Reflection

Long live
Being eternal
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Colourful Vibes || Color Perception
Mystic Ink Plus  Mar 16
Do not say, what you feel
I'm not here
To listen
Do not remember me
I'm not the one
Who cares
Do not dream of me
I'm not the one
You deserve
I can't be there, where
You want me to be

Then he/she felt
Nothing left
No dreams
No wishes
No voices
Nothing at all

Stayed silent with
A fragile heart
A heavy head
A dead soul
Since then
Genre: Dark
Theme: Tough Time
Once in the lifetime
Everyone find

Leads towards the

The dream
The thought
The sunlight
The time
And, the life

All right
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The Chemistry
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