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Trefild Aug 26
‣ roses are red, but they're dead
‣ violets are blue, but they're dead too
‣ stop reading this kind of crap & better start doing something useful instead
‣ or u've got nothing better to do❓
‣ roses are not only red as well as violets are not only blue, for ur information [no ****t, who would have thought...]
‣ but let people make their cookie-cutter rhymes while not taking it into consideration
‣ if I have to choose roses, well, then I would prefer black ones
‣ not to mention that I think they would have looked sick engraved on some firearms
‣ as for violets, they're not really my type
‣ but maybe to somebody else they set some kind of vibe
Trefild  Aug 26
Trefild Aug 26
‣ there is one place they had to go to
‣ that place is unbearable, it's like a human zoo
‣ being have to be for several hours every weakday there is a pretty ****tty case
‣ there are so many wasted days spent in that ****** place
‣ they wanna set that ******* place on fire & watch it burn down
‣ there is plenty of their wantings & desires
‣ but one of the main ones is to get the hell away from the town
‣ to get the hell away from the lushing degeneration
‣ and here was supposed to be the end of this lamespiration
‣ but I came up with a few more needless lines
‣ and it seems like all I'm capable of is just to cling on to rhymes
‣ think I'm just wasting my time
‣ me & poetry are those parts of the universe that are better not to combine
‣ someone perhaps would even think that it was concocted in a state of being high
‣ don't know if it is even worth being read, but anyway, u're free to just pass by
"lushing degeneration" - Russian Federation
Trefild  Aug 26
Trefild Aug 26
‣ the late weekend night they decided to go for a walk
‣ they didn't wanna stay home
‣ they were just avoiding doing some housework
‣ he/she is a procrastinator to the bone
‣ wandering the streets of the ****thole they still languish in
‣ while got themself sent into the music realm by putting their earphones on
‣ they've been thinking about what does their existing mean
‣ accompanying it with the thought of the fear of being gone
‣ getting closer to this frightening edge with every year
‣ feeling low at the sight of younger ones
‣ they often find themself thinking "what am I even doing here?"
‣ and every next year comes like remindingly hitting the drums
‣ they don't become better over time
‣ they have nothing to offer to the world
‣ they do realize it's not fine
‣ the purpose of their existing still remains untold
‣ all of it makes them quite restless
‣ they're on the point of burnout
‣ it's like there's barbed wire on them as a necklace
‣ they're seeking for inner peace that can't seem to be found
Trefild Sep 8
if u were a human, & if I would have an opportunity to bury u alive
I would be more than pleased to do so, no doubt
the only thing I would let u take with u is a cheap pocket knife
but it's not to help u make it out (it's unable to help)
'cause the casket would be metal & its lid would be sealed
this would be the ending of ur story
get dead naturally or get killed
I don't think I would ever regret or feel sorry
Trefild Nov 1
there's one date I don't celebrate & even kind of hate
to perceive a certain day of a certain month every year as a birthday?
no way, there's only one such day, & mine is quite behind
that date is just a bitter reminder, don't be blind
with every next year after an actual birthday
it's more & more just a "getting old" kind of day, keep that in mind
u, of course, are free to treat these lines as some pessimistic whine
but don't think that thinking the way I do is not right
'cause it's not about "right/not right", it's about point of view
after all, u have ur own, don't u?
Trefild Dec 1
gunless papi blew two missing mothers
nun messed muffin glued to mini ladder
goddess' laughing slew few Jesus' brothers
son is nutting, ******* lewd MILFs in "Brazzers"

— The End —