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RBWhite  Sep 2018
The Trigger
RBWhite Sep 2018
Is a trigger pulled by faith,
And her chains are bound down to the ground,
In the closing dawn of years passing by,
Above people and believings she's reaching the Mount,
Magna the cross she bears in her back,
But she stands and walks,
Like Jesuschrist resigned,
As crucifixion has ways to heaven,
Death is a way to reach her demons,
A bounty lays in her head,after death takes her,
Same as her hands and eyes,
Lungs and liver,
And she'll give away everything,
For a long promise in time,
And maybe then she will find,
That her own lies laid down deep inside.
Morné  Jul 2016
Morné Jul 2016
Its the morning
Empty skies
Puffy eyes
Clouded thoughts

My heart is hungry for affection
My soul is needy for its food
My body is craving compassion...

JesusChrist can someone just feed me!!

I cant stomach this
I cant stomach my own ******* heartbeat thats ripping and pulsating through my ******* core...
My chest echoes as it cries for help

Just for some love...
It's messy... As I said, clouded....

— The End —