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Nameless Wonder Nov 2015

"Friends",that's all I am to her:
A boy friend...

She's drop dead gorgeous,
she makes me write love poems all day,
makes me speechless when I see her
and when she says "hi",my day feels complete.

Yes, I love her more than words can tell,
but we're just friends,she is supposed to be my girl friend.
I can confess - but she can say NO,
that will ruin our friendship -
the only thing that keeps me going.

It would mean no more hi's
no more talking to her,
it means no more her.

I'm a realist,not a risk-taker,
chances are she doesn't feel what I feel,
but I know in a distant future
if she was meant to be mine
I would tell her how I feel.

But for now let me keep them in here
in the depths of my heart,safely stored,
from whence they originated.

Dedicated to my friend who gave up- he treasures his friendship with her more.
Erin Marie  Jan 11
Erin Marie Jan 11

As I sit here,
rooted to the ground
like the trees that surround,
day fades to night
and the sky sheds its color.
I gaze longingly as lovers pass
on the dimly lit
moonlight path,
charged on the energy
they generate together.

As I sit here
waiting for you,
I wonder if we will
ever be like that.
I wonder if you will ever feel
the current I feel
when you're around.
Your smile alone,
sends a spark through me
strong enough to knock me down.
I struggle to stay grounded
next to you.

As I sit here
I wonder when
it will be our turn
to love the fire inside.
To let it out
and show the world
how we burn for each other.

Until then
I will stay rooted here
for you to unearth
the love
we've both been
waiting for..

Ayu Prameswari May 2016

You came, you greeted, you went away
That's how the way that you to stay
For those the words that slipped away
Please have another night to stay

You smiled, you blinked, you walked away
That's how the way that you to play
For those the pains please fly away
Fool me fool me of come what may

You came, you greeted, you went away
That's how you leave to faraway
For those feelings I never say
I always wish they stay this way

You smiled, you blinked, you walked away
That's how you do things always way
For those the hearts I spent away
Will do I keep forever way

(May 2016)

Tiffany Scicluna Feb 2015

Every time I think of you,
I feel my heart pound with pain...
Tears go down my face,
as I fear the love,
between you and me.

You make me feel happy and special,
yet I feel sad...
this sadness shows my love for you
as I feel sad hiding you,
Keeping 'us' between you and me

I'm afraid my heart is cheating on me,
I fear your not my true love!

I feel my heart pound with pain...
A pain full of fear...
I fear this love, I fear 'us'
A pain of love
A love I give when our lips touch

— The End —