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Ottar  Apr 2014
Promissory Notes
Ottar Apr 2014
sky heavy laden with cloud,
earthhour approaches, the
dark may get darker, dark
like eighty-five percent
cocoa, the tastebuds rave,
there is no clear sky save,
above the clouds, no night
        sky can be seen,
weather wet enough
            to be obscene,
symbolism is not lost
except on the sea, waves
of *******, find shores
and beaches, satellites pickup
the pieces from space,

Nightmares and

Of the dreams,
neon blue water,
grass roof huts and
white, hot, hot, hot,
Promissory notes on the
future, ancestors and generations
did not speak of what we see,
in a language we discern as plain,
be a steward,
of the planet,
of the place we all call home,
here is a thought,
what if we have been renting,
this place all this time,
and the Land Title Holder,
has a case, to keep,
The Damage Deposit,
while giving us notice,
to leave...
Go ahead use your imagination, but to clean the place up, get your hands *****, join in, STOP being part of the problem, what is the value of the Deposit and who is The LandTitle Holder

— The End —