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Sayer May 2013
time's a wasting through the seams an'
three's to gleam the sun beam dan
ce the trees of tilling through farming into a blackedout dream as of yesterday
as of yesterday and today why not anyway not not now
destroy and feast on the gardens expensive flowers grown soil
grow me up seed me down this town's going down
fire on the trees fire on the salt the fields salt the fields and push down and explode like
there's still a hope to look forward how dost you go
words inspiring ha to the yes through the Dance of the Swan rose queen and it disturbs me
a little
this feeds this dance this crow's dance goes a little like this.
Cherri Cola  Nov 2014
Tape Clicks
Cherri Cola Nov 2014
If everything is not
and no
and don't you go,
sing out your singular heart all alone
and in your basement
and in my car outside the store to the clap
and my start
and to Miss Mary Mack,
went to the track to sing it out
and loud
and proud, when the track goes black don't take it back
realize what you're really never gonna reach
and more
and will never want to be then
let it go outside when it snows
and bury it deep in the sea
or in a creak below the stairs
where the "don't you" goes
because what you aren't to me
might be what I'll never be.
Even out in the deep deep dark of a blackedout heartbeat
rat-a-tat tapping in a car next to you
or me
but I'm not here
and saying no
and don't you go somewhere
at this point in time I could apologize, my moats are filled with tacks
to stop you in your tracks
and just so you own't go back out
bring back my pack
all dressed in gold and black
so we might hold you close
at the end of one thing
and the beginning of a new thing, a possibly cruel thing
and I know you wont say you don't do this to me
and leave the closest car seat cold
but if you do
and everything for me is no
and no
and don't you go then nothing for you
will be
to do
and go
and won't be missed
I'll clap to see you go out by the tracks, all dressed in black
singing Miss Mark Mack to myself out in the black backseat of my car

— The End —