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Annamaria Gagno Feb 2013
His foot steps she follows
yet he is angry
not happy with her

no matter how she tries
she on his time clock

money doesn't matter to him
it's not his

she spends to make him happy
yet when she is broke down bottom

his words are give him space
for she has nothing to give

a clock that ticks
seeing by face

he turns awau
not give her the contactiom
of the eye's

words come
she speaks
following his foot steps
made him angry

his words to her
by his own voice

is saying
turns away angry
telling her

your not following his foot steps
she see's what he does

in her point of view
she does what he does

borrowing from people
asking the people
money he needs

if it's okay with him
all she knows
following the steps of him

now angry
a child
places his face towards
the window

while riding on the bus to home
saying good by to him bu her

made her feel the whole
world is against all

when people do this all day
facts of life
he cannot except the mistakes
he does

all she knows
clock ticks on his timer

where facts are straight
asking by someone
she is doing what he does

following his foots to wha he does

she feels it's for her

he place judgment on her
for the mistakes she does

is not exceptable
but it's okay for him
to follow his own foot steps
of his mistakes

now angry
he ignores her
without a word of silence

a childs play he does
on her
is fool shr became of him
by saying

not happy right now
silence became of him
without a good-bye

his foot steps she follows

— The End —