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Valena Nov 2017
Sometimes  I wonder if "wonderland " Is real ...
I wonder into a locked room . No one is there but the deceased bugs on the window sill .  A room with  just a mirror . I put my hand through . It reflected and bounced as I removed my hand . I stared in Awe , I walked through. I begin to fall plummiting into what seemed like nothing. I land and I walk out a tiny tiny door . Im in paradise . I meet mr Hatter we take a little visit to the Queen Of Hearts castle .

Later on ....
I'm at a tea party with the Mad Hatter.
We continuously laugh, until tea runs from our noses, and faces red as cherries.
We pour more tea and sip proudly as we laugh look across the table
to see The Queen Of Hearts Head on one of the platters.
Me and Mr . Hatter laugh once more as the blood drips from her neck and gets caught on the plate.
Mr. Hatter leans over to me as we laugh, it gets silent.
He says " Val you are mad "
I respond saying ..... "were all mad here "

— The End —