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Dasha Adams  Sep 2016
Those Girls
Dasha Adams Sep 2016
We had a celebrity yet hidden love
The come follow me so we can get private time hidden love
But I don't want to be your Beyonce and Becky with the good hair
I'm about to be the best thing you never had and make you irreplaceable cuz you ain't listening'
You want to be hidden in plain sight
But my body isn't your ego
You want the green light
Want a place to keep your surfboard safe
Want me to hold your extra weapons cuz u r a soldier
Finding the right moment to put me back behind battle lines
Nobody knows how or why I'm your "Bonnie"
They don't know your my angel with a broken halo
No one gets that you sing to me, you rap to me
The kind you would never show your mother
Cuz it doesn't matter what you may think I deserve
Or what I might be worth
I will never ever be like "those girls"
The girls that is only allow to call when your mother falls asleep
The girls who always sending LOL Smiley
The girls who would give up anything for your superego filled kiss
You hide me in stairwells and behind locker doors because your scared to be seen with me
Then everybody would still know what you were doing…
Dwelling in your heart and soul
you're still holding on to me
My hips you keep them,
The key to my heart, you keep playing hide-and-seek by yourself
Yes, you may say there's somebody else
And you never meant to love me
Its ok, you don't have to admit it because actions speak louder than you do

You text me like i'm the last human left
Then act like you never ever wanted to know me
As if our moment we made special was your type of a payment plan
As is if my body was 30day layaway
All you been doing lately is lay away

Cuddle with me, but in the morning you run like Beyonce on the run tour
I'm almost like a ******* child
The  reason Daddy left from the start
Rejection for me don't come on weekend or holidays
It comes when you sit next to me and stay closed off like a ****** scene
But I knew a time when you couldn't way to see my face
I don't know why  you are

— The End —