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In the dark woods.    This is the blood I give so the moon will have something to shine on. All rights reserved.


Mike Hauser Jul 2013
Woody Guthrie
Came along when
A poor man barely survived

We are now faced
With the same place
Wishing Woody was still alive

Woody Guthrie
He would write of
The heavy thumb of the government

And how we need to
Scream at the sky blue
Till we change views
Is what Woody meant

Woody Guthrie
The voice of a nation
Tired and aching
Needing to be heard

Now I hang on
To every phrase in every song
Every dot that comes along
In every word

If Woody were alive today
Wonder what he would say
At the state of our decay
In what he sees

Would he shake his head
Cause we've made our on bed
Perhaps he's better dead
Woody Guthrie rest in peace