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Philadelphia,USA    hello my name is NewAgeOfAnarchy , my life as be as tough,I grow in north philly, but I got thought it. I write what feel ...
Allison Swagert
20/F/Chapel Hill    self proclaimed crappy poet. new at this (as if you couldn’t already tell)
Wage war in moonlit dawn


Amy Perry  Sep 2013
Minimum Wage
Amy Perry Sep 2013
I'm underpaid.
If it takes me an hour's pay
To buy my lunch
I have a hunch
I'm underpaid.
Because I'm paid the
Minimum wage.
Why this isn't a cause of rage
Among politicians that their citizens
Are underpaid
On minimum wage
I'm afraid I can't say.
I can't rent my own place,
A problem I can easily trace
Back to my low pay
On the minimum wage.
I hope this is a stage
Because I honearly can't say
How I'd survive if I stay
On minimum wage.
While I can't pay my bills
Billionaires fly around country for thrills
Tax breaks, relax mate,
It's better than giving them to
The underpaid
On minimum wage.
To be able to pay the price
Of things I need would be nice,
But there's no room to play
Living day by day
On minimum wage.
My wages are a joke,
No way I can't be broke
Living this way.
I'd just like higher pay
For minimum wage.
My husband has an income or else I don't know how I'd survive.
The Jolteon Oct 2014
Who deserves a living wage
"I struggled through college to get my degree"
They shout
"All they do is flip burgers"
They say
As they flip their pages
Of their peer reviewed articles

Who deserves a living wage
"I built this company from the ground up"
They say
"They are just too lazy"
They shout
As they sit in their chair
Drinking liquor

Who deserves a living wage
"I am a human being"
They scream
"What makes you different than me?"
They ask
As they demand
A living wage