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1SP  Mar 2014
Rainbow In the Slum
1SP Mar 2014
They say after the rainbow,
come the *** of gold,
But if you look on my end,
You'd see treasure being sold.

All our riches are scarce,
For a drug and firearm
Why is there much danger
If we have not caused harm?

Yesterday, my son smiled
To a rainbow in the slum,
Knowing that it hasn't left,
Because this is where it comes from.

They say after the storm
Comes the rainbow,
Leaving us hope in life
Like a guardian angel.

If we stick together
To help one another
The slum will be
Prosperous again, my brother.

At seven months, my son smile
To a rainbow in the slum,
Knowing, that it hasn't left,
Because this is where it comes from.

Where it comes from?
Where it comes from?
Where it comes from?
Where it comes from?
Where it comes from?
A rainbow in the slum
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
I have lost my way,
please draw me an arrow
Five corners of slum
Deep in the boroughs

A decayed old soul
with smells of masters
Alcohol and poisons, mixed
Death comes much faster

Living in a box,
discarded like trash
Pushing farther below
Slum *** Crash