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Hooch Chantel
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eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
My very best friend died today,
Just this morning, he passed away.
He was as loyal as can be,
And was always there for the family.
So, *****, my friend, i will miss you,
And so will all those who knew you.
Of you, god will surely take care,
Running with the angels up there.
So be free *****, and run with grace,
For you my friend, we can never ever replace.....
This piece was written by Christopher Glynn John Smith, for me and my dog, who sadly died this morning 30 April 2010 in his sleep at the age of 15. Thankyou Chris. I love you
phil roberts Jan 2016
We come as we please
And we leave on the breeze

As an image of warm blue air
The ***** man denies seditious writhings
Coming in proud bursts of creation
Irrespective of soil or culture
Bursting thirsting creation
Heathen fertility
Haphazard geography
Lust of life beyond life

Screaming gadgetry can cowards make
Tight cages can our spirits break
But love is broad and clean
Fickle and immortal
The soil from whence we came
Without permit or permission
With honour and with relish
The ***** man denies nothing
Not one word at all

And on and on
The fairground moves on

                    By Phil Roberts