When I wake up I plan the day
important matters on the mind
waiting patiently through the night
begging action after dreams

when the balm of sleep recedes
curtains opened, sun comes in
the moon has left the wide sky
now I’m roused to decide

I’ll declare life’s verdicts
resolutions to complete
when adulting challenges
determinations are declared

before my life is duly planned
decrees to judge the whole of life
there is one resolve before the rest
deciding where to lunch that day.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170623.

“One Resolve” is about a decision I must make each and every day!

I wish I could sketch the beauty seen
or take a picture that would preserve
the scope of all I've witnessed here

my life is experienced in splendor's realm
in my mind I am the unworthy visitor
an intruder walking halls I should leave

the presence of form and nature is too much
for this child with fragile feet of clay
with tools that fail to portray the grace

so here I am in my journaled quest
to express what cannot be told
the indescribable that I adore

I will capture what I'm allowed
by turn of phrase or photo frame
to show the world how it's blessed.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170622.

I’ve written many poems about beauty.  “Beauty Seen” is yet another one, this time considering if beauty can be properly presented beyond the original form.

Another turn has found its way
I'll mark this day with a poem
looking back at where I came
leaving words for coming years
as prose allows for stories told
I have several to disclose
echoing what I've written prior
in the stanzas to follow here.

Honesty is my downfall
the muse requesting far too much
from the poet seeking truth
found inside, revealed to you
what cannot speak in common words
the odes allow on lyric tongue
pressed to state all there is
who I am, what I love.

Both the good and the bad
the horrific and the glad
have sprung from pen, put to page
please forgive my tirades
while I view what God has wrought
put upon by our frailty
it is no wonder I am amazed
by the breadth of life's range.

I share to alert the world
they're not alone in their space
this is true, but there is more
as the poems speak to myself
asking for the forbearance
to hang on another day
stating all the whys I can't
to provide the will to live.

What's put here is for today
remembering where I've come from
why I do this these written acts
while the muse moves my hand
for one day I'll be silent
no longer press the quill to task
then you and I may look back
to see these words I write tonight.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170620.

“I Write Tonight” is about why I choose to write poetry on a daily basis.   One day I won’t, and my poems will stand for something in that time.

This is not the companion I would choose
but it's the one that I'm chained to
by virtue of unwanted injuries
now held close in sour memories

the causes are lost in the halls of time
forgotten by those who did the worse harm
sum of wrath now so much larger than
what others witnessed have come before

fury expressed in the unbidden snarl
with a twitch from the responding eye
I become an animal in temper’s grip
last human visage stripped by the rage

they would say that flesh’s nature was the failing
the past tilting the scales towards the worse
so many fingers influence the chafe
prodding madness from Azathoth’s dark flute

the demons may find joy in this circumstance
while angels weep waterfalls at the lost love
bystanders to the greatest blunder made by man
anger walking too close by my side.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170619.

“Dark Flute” is about the seething nature of the beast that derails sanity and hijacks the mind.

I’ll meet you there, along the path
boulevards will shepherd us
two lost souls beneath the fray
invoked by peril to a land below

search for the hidden underground
entrance under the danger words
just stand still and you’ll sink
to a place few suspect

you’ll descend to the nether ream
known to those who travel there
though more than you would think
beneath the staid reality

visiting is the only option
for some reason none will reside
instead they travel here to there
past the echoes of bygone days

it’s a world lost to time
lodged beneath what you know
left behind to find its way
nothing changed, there to stay

at the end we’ll ascend
no longer will the twilight shine
seek the light with sun’s warmth
leave behind our lower bond.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170618.

During a dream I traveled to a world beneath the earth’s surface.  The poem “Land Beneath” shares aspects of the dream.

I found the friend I should keep
if Fate allows, that fickle fiend
introductions did not promise
joyous outcomes in future’s sight
the invitation is heartfelt
contrary to nature’s bent
where the strangers walk about
none see another, until now.

Fate led me to water’s edge
then asked me to drink too deep
I approached with my fear
knowing that my life could change
the depths dropped out of sight
where this led I could not say
so much unknown in the pledge
to stand beside a new ally
from the parched to the drowned
lips once cracked would be submerged
drinking in what was absent
swimming deep in liquid bliss.

Here is the rub, what I hinted
that future hides beyond our sight
in its hands, the good and bad
what’s chosen now will be revealed
a choice is put to both of us
Fate gives short warning in query
pledging nothing in return
I’ve found a friend, what do I do?

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170617.

Possible friends, of many depths, are introduced into our lives on an ongoing basis.  I have to say that I’ve not always done justice to those who approached me with the desire to know me better.  In that place I feel more disappointment than shame.  The silver lining is that there is still time to know them in this present moment, before time removes them from my life.  Why do I struggle though?  The poem, “Found a Friend”, speaks to the commitment requested by friendship.

In that moment I had no form
though I touched another one
two combined to exist
within the hold of melodies

by gift of the muse’s hand
the emptiness has been removed
born on tapestry of the divine
I’ll forget the who I am

my loneliness was dispelled
as the beats filled the space
the pulse asked me to move
on a path I'll gladly walked

I was not longer judged
by my own damning eye
harmony replaced judgment's taint
purity returning to that space

reprieve from reality
joy found in the musicality
rapture found at God’s feet
with another in company.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170616.

The poem “In That Moment” is about the magic of dance and music.
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