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Yes, I am the grandson of a spy--being perilously curious is part of my DNA.


Captured in the psych ward part 8

You see after Martin Kelly's sister arrived at the hospital to pick up her
Brother's body and take him back with her to England,,Robert had a sleepless
Night, and decided to go out and watch the TV cause he was too ****** bored
And he had a lot on his mind, you know, really Robery wanted to go,,and being
A kid, he didn't know much about respect and Kate came out and said, would
You fucken turn this TV down, it is keeping me up all night, and Robert told Kate
To *******, and Ron just got up out of bed after getting a phone call from his
Grandson Billy, who was 12 Years old and coming to stay this weekend, which
Is 2 days away, and work was so tight, he really couldn't get time off, but he did
Have some extra over time credits he could use, but Ron liked to use them on
Big holidays, but having his grandson come over, is a big holiday, so he went into
Work today, like normal, go to the cafe talk to the Fran and dan, and today's topic
Was about families, mainly because Ron said his grandson billy was coming in 3 days
And Fran said she had 2 kids, no grandkids, and Dan, said that she has 1 son named
Bill, who was 12, and every night, bill runs around me and my hubby all time and then
Ron said, well my grandson is 11, how about we meet, over the weekend, and both of our kids can meet each other, and Dan said, ok if you were living in a run down property
In the middle of the Victorian alps, I would love you to come and Ron, these are modern times, why the **** are you in a run down property for, you should be getting heaps of
Money from this cafe and dan said, well, you would think so, wouldn't you, but my dad
Wanted me and the kids to live with him, I have to get my family up at 4-00 in the morning
To get here on time, and Ron said, life is a *****, well, we can meet at my place, you are
An adult, well yes, said Dan, I will let you know, and then Dan went to the HDU to check on his patients and he was told that Robert has been sitting watching TV all night, and
He hasn't had breakfast, maybe we should see to have him released, I don't think he very
Well, and he might be under suicide watch, he is too young for this place and Ron said, ok
I will have a word with him, so he went over to Robert and said Robbie what's up and Robert said, well, I have been in here too long, and the patients are too weird, like that stupid phoney that arrived here at 3 this morning, who sat next to me, and Ron curious about what Robert was saying, said, who was this phoney, and he was this was man who had the hood type jacket and blue and white canterbury bulldogs shorts and Ron said, he
Is the night time volunteer who works here at night, to look after younger people like yourself, if they can't sleep, to make them feel better, and Robert said, maybe, if I knew that, I might not have been so rude, now thanks to you I feel worst, no he ain't allowed to
Say he is a volunteer, cause, he is there for you guys, but, he ain't allowed to ignore you
For being rude either, ok I will have this dude look after you in the future, and Robert said,
No you fucken ****, I want out of this hell hole, this is clearly not working for me and
Ron spent the day trying to find out what is wrong with Robert, while the nurses handled
The medication, and Ron said, I really think this boy isn't ill, so we shouldn't push drugs down him, and Naomi suddenly came out saying, we are captured captured captured
Us young dudes have been captured in the psych ward today, Naomi and Robert and
Ron came out and tried to settle naomi down but this was hard, and Naomi was still refusing medication. And the staff because of this still say she is threat to people around her, and when Ron had finished talking to Robert, he had a few words with brad, as well
As Susan and Pete. And mind you Pete was having a lot of problems and yes Ron took
His time off to look after his grandson and, said he won't be back till Wednesday of next
Week, and Robert and Naomi were sitting there watching TV together, and patty came out
Saying that he missed the plane to Washington dc and needs a private jet, and said, can I go on the Internet, to book myself on one and the nurses, said, you can't expect a free ride
And the doctor said, ok patty roe, sit down and I will make you a hot chocolate and patty
Roe said, neh, I need to get to the white house, I am meeting Obama and the doctor said
Here is the medication that is right for you at the moment, go to your bed, and relax, cause
This place is close to prison, ya can't expect a free ride here and Susan said, yeah, you will
Never get a free ride to the states in your situation ya **** and Ron went home, to get the
House ready for his grandson, and he is off work till Wednesday he is happy and
He visited the cafe and told Fran and Dan that he will bring his grandson in

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Captured in the psych ward Part 11

You see Ron's grandfather died 10 years ago, and he was having these weird nightmares
As he was sleeping on the couch. And suddenly the phone rang at 4-30 in the morning
And it woke him up in a way that he fell off the couch and he ran to the phone and it was
The hospital and an 8 year old boy was rushed to the emergency room who had bipolar
And yes, he was saved, but he started to have these weird dillusions that Ron was his
Grandson, and yes, he demanded that the hospitals call up Ron cooper and when Ron arrived at the hospital the staff brought him to the operating theatre and Ron said hi
And the boy said, hello grand son and Ron was shocked, and said back to him, no buddy,
I am not your grandson, I am older than you, anyway, and the boy said he is Abriaim salie
The spiritual Buddhist leaders son, and he told me that Ron Cooper is your previous lives grandson and Ron said, ok your a Buddhist, well, they are really peaceful, but, what makes you say I am your grandson, and the boy said well, my dad said, he has the power to put a
Doctors grandfather in his wife's ******, to keep seeing them and Ron said, no I know nothing about your fathers beliefs but I know reincarnation as something that nobody can guess, but I would love to hear more about your beliefs and the boy said no dad said, no son of his is ever going to the psych ward, you see that is the nut house, and being a Buddhist
I mean that in the nicest kind of way, you see, Ron cooper is my grandson and the boy
Shared this with everyone and Ron went to the HDU to get Pete, who had these dillusions
That Jesus has healed him and the beliefs that came from an 8 year old boy were better than this messed up old man, but Pete, wanted to actually know, how he knows that for sure, he is only 8 and then his Buddhist father said, he had voices that no kid has ever heard before, and Ron asked him, how much TV do they watch, and his father said, I
Try and discipline them about what they watch on TV, but I am sure there is nothing on
Between 3-15 and 5-15 and I don't let them have a TV in their room, only because TV
Can spoil aura, of a child's beliefs, but then Ron said, it is great to see kids with an imagination, and TV is good for that, and the Buddhist said, yeah mate yeah, imagination
Is great but, being good in a spiritual way is great, so I want to find out more about your
Grandfather, because I don't want my son growing up, fighting me and breaking Buddhist
Code and be disrespectful and Ron left him and took Pete back and told Pete that not
Everyone has the same beliefs as you, I was trying to tell you that yesterday and then
Went into the HDU and Charlie said hi di partner and Ron said howdy mate, how did you sleep, and he said fine how did you sleep, well the Buddhists said my grandfather is an
8 year old boy on the operating table and Charlie said, he is crazy hey, and Ron said
He is about as crazy as you, saying you are silent movie actor Charlie Chaplin, and
Charlie said, but I am, Buddha said, in a dream, a few years ago, that I was Charlie Chaplin
And I lost my kid at the age of 23 and I wss devastated, I mean I was 23, and he was 6,
Mind you Ron, Buddha told me, my kid, is too much for me and my wife to handle and Ron
Said, it's hard to lose a child, and the new foster family thought so too, and Ron thinking
He lost his kid through death and said, have you thought, of trying to find your kid, and
Charlie said, I broke off with that ***** and started to have visions of being Charlie Chaplin
And I have no idea of if I ever see him again, but if you can find a way, I would go with you
Mind you it give me closure, cause really all I did back then was just drink beer in front of the television, watching the footy, and I was at the MCG for the 1996 grand final when
The kangaroos beat the swans, and I cheered and partied all night with the Roos, and
When I got my kid, I said one day, I will take you to a grand final,one day, but, we never
Made it, and it looks like we never will, and I have been in this ****** psych ward for
So many 3 weeks stints, cause I really want to be with my son, but, the adoption agency
Keeps ******* me around and it drives me really crazy, Ron told Charlie, what is your real name, if you feel safe enough to tell me, and Charlie said it is Noel Gordonsmire, but I hated
That name as a kid, but I grew to like it, but when my kid and wife left me, I said **** Noel
I am Charlie chaplin, and I am a real person, and I really did do a silent movie, my parents
Tried to get me into a few groups of today's silent movies and I enjoyed them, and that is why I am Charlie Chaplin and Ron said goodbye and clocked off and went to the coffee shop and had a milkshake a cappuccino as well as a vanilla slice and Fran said how was your day, and Ron said, this kid, was brought into the emergency room claiming to be my
Dead grandfather and his Buddhist father gave me a Buddhist teaching and I found out Charlie chaplins new name, who is another Noel, and he had a kid taken from him by an adoption agency, mind you, this man, looks to me, he could be a great father, and he is
Heavily into the kangaroos footy club, when he gets out, I am shouting him to a footy game
I am promising that tomorrow and Ron went home and half left over Chinese and sat
On his balcony and watched the cars down on the road, you see, he really had a change of heart, or maybe a spiritual change, Buddhism really sunk in today, he say there, for hours
And hours, looking really serious,

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It was a hot summer night
Still nearly ninety, I'd say
When out back of Giovannis
The Bluesman sat down to play
He pulled up his crate
Took a sip from his flask
"This here's my med-cin"
"In case someone happens to ask"

He started a story
That we'd never heard
We're the folks of the street
And we followed each word
It's a tale of James Withers
A man in need of a hand
But to us on the street
He was the Sand Castle Man

The bluesman strummed gently
He didn't want the words to be lost
For this was a story
That had a hell of a cost
You see, James the sand man
Lost a life to the sea
His grandson, young James
Drowned and died ...only three

Each day James went down
With his grandson in tow
They'd make castles together
They'd make some fast and some slow
One day the pair
were out at the end of the pier
when a rogue wave hit hard
And took what James held most dear

His grandson was swept out
Lost at sea ....never found
They searched for three weeks
But the poor boy was drowned
James kept a vigil
Every day on the beach
He'd look out on the water
His heart out of reach

He kept making sand castles
As he did with young James
With shells and old driftwood
And he gave each castle names
He'd have non-existent armies
Fight non existent wars
In his hard packed sand castles
He carved windows and doors

There was nonexistent dragons
In pools by the sea
Guarding nonexistent princesses
Who no one could see
There were turrets and moats
And each day he'd build one
To be lost to the tide
As the days work was done

Each day a new castle
Each day a new war
But , nobody knew
What he was building them for
The tide would come in
And would sweep it away
All that hard work
Gone at the end of the day

But, next morning he'd show up
Build one more for the tide
With armies nonexistent
To flow away for a ride
People would watch him
Make the castles of sand
With imaginary soldiers
In imaginary lands

The bluesman sang soft
Took a sip once again
From the flask on his hip
It's just med-cin
The crowd didn't stir
We were like moths to the flame
As we heard the bluesman
finish his tale about James

I asked him one morning
If he ever would end
Building castles of sand
He said, Bluesman, my friend
I know that each castle
Will be washed out to see
And I hope that my grandson
Gets a message from me

I make each sand castle
Like we both used to do
I come back every day
And start another anew
It helps with the closure
I send my soul to the sea
And I hope that my grandson
Knows their for him made by me

He finished and thanked us
And we went on our way
All of us changed some
From what the bluesman did play
Next time I'm out wandering
And see the castles of sand
I'll know what he's building
Now...that I understand