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Every day I listen
And I listen hard
I try to block them out
And move forward
So there's one thing
I listen to and never forget
The drop chill beats
Of Dubstep
Dubstep--where you start the beat off
Dubstep--where you rise the beat up
Dubstep---where you let the tension rise
And then let the beat Drop
I love Dubstep
Francisco DH Jan 2013
My love for you is like Violin dubstep
Starting out slowly moving effortlessly as if I were in space
Then it hits with  a bang

Pushing me right
Pushing left
Makes me drop
Makes me rise
Oh , my love for you makes my feet come to life

I get lost in the Rhythm
One Beat
Two beats
Four beats and more
Pulls and plucks my heart string back and forth

Yes , my love for you is like Violin Dubstep
This senstaion that I get is nothing but ecstasy
Winding me up for the big finale
LOVE Oh love is Violin Dubstep