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preservationman Oct 2016
In the town of Forgotten
One might always forget
But our story unfolds surrounding King Hatchet
He was an evil and determined king
King Hatchet would often have thoughts being the one thing
“I am the King to whom you must respect otherwise, a very high torture sting”
The citizens of Forgotten weren’t surprised of the King’s words
The message echoed out, and it was heard?
But who would defy the king?
It was a man named Defender
He called out King Hatchet to come outside the castle
Now anybody who challenges the King is automatically put to death
But Defender was a skilled warrior, and reigned as a champion
However, King Hatchet knows all about Defender, but doesn’t care how skillful Defender is
But let the challenge begin
It will be death to the finish
Whoever is the victory will be distinguished
So King Hatchet and Defender picked up swords and commenced in the fight
There were cheers on both sides being sheer delight
Swords grasped together, and when Defender pierced the arm of king Hatchet, there a scar and some blood
Yet, it didn’t cause the blood the pour like a flood
However Defender was steadily swinging his sword in not missing a beat
It was determination in there not be a defeat
Suddenly King Hatchet felt to the ground, and Defender had his sword at King Hatchet’s throat
The message, “Defender was the greatest swordsmen throughout Forgotten”
But Defender let King Hatchet live, but only after announcing, “Defender had won”
Cheers from the crowd’s
The hourglass of victory
A chapter that prior could have been considered a mystery
Once upon a time, storyline far more than any book could ever tell
A moment in making a child’s heart’s swell
The closing chapter ended with dreams into the night
But for now good night, sleep tight, and don’t forget to turn off the light.
Tommy K  Nov 2015
Dragon Defender
Tommy K Nov 2015
Dragon defender
Hold your stance
Breathing the fire
While the arrows dance.
Smoke is blazing
From your firey mouth
The air is thick
Defender of this house.
The warlock is watching
Waiting to make his move
Like a game of chess
Ready to destroy your groove.
The defender had a plan
He called out to the sky
Bright light take flight
Shadow figures, waiting to die.
Bombardment from above
Too many to shoot down
Dropping and destroying
Explosive sounds.
The castle is crumbling
Like that of dust
A light hit the warlock
He cursed and he cussed.
The earth was sinking
As he turned to stone
A sword hits him
With a shattering tone.
Dragon defenders rise
As we have won the day
The sun comes out
Showing it's rays.

(c) Tommy K