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Tatiana  Feb 2014
Chalk Outline
Tatiana Feb 2014
Shots raining from the sky are moving so rapidly.

You stare as they fall right towards you.

It's right in front of your eyes the bullet that'll end you.

Time has stopped and there is nothing you can do.

You are paralyzed as you stare the bullet down.

You're down, it's over, and time starts again.

Your mind flowed from your head riding with the blood.

It stained the pavement and you watched from above.

Your shooter was there looking at your body.

Then he left, and you were alone.

When you were found the next day a chalk line was drawn.

That was all that was left, no one knew you.

The chalk outline was you waiting on the pavement.

Need the rain to wash you away so you could leave this place.

But it keeps you there and you're not leaving.

They left you there as a chalk outline, as if that summed you up.

You're the only person who died there.

But you are just remembered as a person who died.

That spot is you.
That bullet is you.
That shooter is you.
That chalk outline is you.

You left your own chalk outline because you couldn't walk away.

Especially when you needed to.

That is being shown to the entire world.

Forget all the kind words.

They tried to help you.

But you wouldn't listen.

Now look at where you are.

You're the chalk outline.

Don't deny it.
Well this was a mess, but I felt the need to write something. So yeah...
I'm a cloud of useless waste of particles.
I float freely, I fall slowly.
I'm a useless dust of chalk. Wasted.
What is my purpose?
After my knowledge?
After I have made my marks on the board?
What am I bound to do?
After I sit steady in the cold, dark place that I stain? That I ruin?

I'm a useless powdered material.
I stay stationary, I move slightly.
I'm a useless left over matter of chalk. Unimportant.
No appreciation for my knowledge.
No notice for my wisdom.
Is my purpose to be unseen?
Is my purpose to irritate eyes and wreck souls?

I'm a chalk dust in a dark, cold corner...
Soliloquy is my game.
What I play. every time. everyday
Intentionally left behind,
By my knowledge, my wisdom, my faith, my truth.
I'm now
A Nobody.

I vanish, and I flourish and I fly.
I'm a chalk dust with no purpose.
And so, the soul had fled the existing body.
And in the end, I see...
My useless soul, my life...
Under appreciated

** jnldm
first timer. pardon the emotional poem. this was actually for my lit. class and  my lit. teacher told me to hang here and post some of ze works. hahaha... lol bye. nvr mnd this note. it's so useless lol. -jnldm