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Alfred Lord Tennyson


Alfred Vassallo
England    Born 11/04/56 in Malta Alfred produced and directed several plays as a semi-professional. He wrote various radio plays and documentaries for radio, and poetry. His ...
Derrek Alfred Gudiño López
San Diego    This is the aroma of a roamer of the world.
22/M/Mexico & U.S.    I am a literature student from both the United States and Mexico. I like writing about my experience as a young Mexican in the 21st-century. ...


Donna Jan 2018
One fine summer day
Alfred the ocean was fed
up feeling dark blue

He wanted to be
happy pink with a big soft
fluffy purple scarf

The scarf would keep him
warm especially through the
cold wintery months

Of course the fishes
were his friends but today they
seem to ignore him

Even the whales and
dolphins completely blanked him
He began to cry

He cried so much his
tears kept splashing upon shore
everyday.. all day

Jellyfish were the
only ones who spoke to him
But they were nippy

So nippy they gave
poor Alfred a bad case of
self rippling farts!!

Unknown to Alfred
All the fishes were planning
his birthday party

And the guest of
honour was Mermaid Frizzy  
with her long pink hair

She collected reefs
and made him a pretty crown
to wear everyday

She made the moon bright
and light to shine late at night
So Alfred could see

And as for the sun
Mermaid Frizzy painted her
a warm yellow smile

So every morning
The sun would give Alfred a
big warm happy kiss

Anyway lets get
back to Alfred who as now
finally stopped crying

The whales and dolphins
all gathered together to
sing Happy Birthday

Gulp pop bubble pop
Swishy splash swishy splash splash
Whoosh whoosh splish splash!!  

Sharks danced till morning
light , Swordfish played flutes with
big massive noses

Sandy sands made a
big party table filled with
delicious cup cakes

And Mermaid Frizzy
back stroked giving her pink hair
magic extensions

Alfred was happy
He didn't feel blue anymore
He felt happy pink
Well I couldn't post my draft one so I made this one up **
Posted on 29th January
Goodbye Alfred
  I had not seen Alfred for a while, had been busy
selling off my donkey farm, with this down I drove into town
but couldn't find him and his flat had been rented out to others.
Found him in rundown old peoples home, four old men to a room.
What the hell are you doing here papa? Well, it’s about the money, he said but get me out of here. Alfred who had now accepted me as his son was wealthy his grandfather had been in oil, and he feared Olga- my mother-
Would take the money, had placed most of it in Portugal.
As he had given me the power
of attorney I got him out and into a posh private home for the aged.
Alfred look frail, his wavy hair was reduced to a few strands of
White hair and his unafraid, one could say arrogant, ways had gone
The home had phone number should he get worse.
The call came in his room sat Olga she embraced me called me my son, my son.
Sitting by Alfred’s bedside, I fell asleep only awoke
when a nurse said Alfred had slipped away, strangely Olga had disappeared also, but
in a way I was content, it had not been an imagination, they were real I had a family,
although it must be said that Olga’s vanishing puzzled me and the nurse said there
had been no visitors other than I.
Alfred's last wish was to have his ashes strewn over Portugal I hired a helicopter and had it done. It was a sorrowful time, yet I was
glad that my dreams had come true.
Alfred getting old

Alfred, the violinist had some setbacks
he fell in love with a woman of high culture and rich,
Alfred moved in with her as she also had a piano
which Alfred loved. He played Chopin and another semi
popular tunes, so engrossed he was that he didn't notice
she was tired of him and told him to leave.
It was shocking for poor Alfred who without arguments
left with his violin.
He used to have a small room at a rundown hotel, but
It was occupied by some other loser, so he slept on
Aa park bench, had a wash at a river nearby where he also
washed his clothes.
One night when he slept he was assaulted and his dear
The instrument was stolen now he had nothing.
Alfred was depressed, but not for long, a woman who, had
A café nearby gave him food and shelter in a shed she had
At the bottom of her garden, she also ironed his clothes.
The police who liked Alfred he was always polite, caught
The thieves and he was back in business.
He became a fixture of the town playing his music
at street corners and was much missed when he drowned
washing his feet in the town’s ornamental pool.