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Madisen Kuhn
25/Cisgender Female/Charlottesville, VA    @madisenkuhn | | author of eighteen years + please don't go before i get better + almost home
17/F/Somewhere I dont wanna be   
A poet in Paradise


Dylan Rodrigue  May 2012
Dylan Rodrigue May 2012
Is it you that I'm missing or am I missing myself?
Always hanging on to something while distracted by something else
Got a message from God, he said, "BE YOURSELF"
Wearing a mask is never good for your health

I never meant to hurt nobody but we all make mistakes
It's hard to sit back and watch as all that we created breaks
Makes me so **** tired of all those rotten takes
And all the damage that the blind love makes

And it brings you to life, and gets you so high
But then you fall so low, with nowhere to go, start over again

And I recall so well the view from the top
On the bridge looking down, finding reasons not to drop
With all them lexapros that made my feelings stop
adis and zanis cleaned me up like a mop

But love is so tender, it can't help but be torn
In the middle December where this coat ain't keeping me warm
So I weight it out in a puff of scorn
... it's only fair to warn
There is Something missing.........
Then you fall so low, with nowhere to go, start over again.
Dust of my feet
the dust of my skin•
My clock wise measurementory
of earth 🌍 into SigniaZion
RAĪNBŌW 🌈 Kush I am,
I was made first as earth Father land
among all the verdant hills,
from Adis Ababa,

The Holy Obàtalà the Spirit
was my only comfort,
I had a mystery wife
Called Ur-Babylon MÓÓN🌕,
I had her seperated by the river Euphrates.

Her drank was peaceful she has a Son between the Red ßæ where the dead s
Scrolls īnn was burried.
called ẞÚN ⛅ Kenmet,

her soul was the water
I seek love from.
her drank was peaceful

In her was all my treasures hidden
both of mystic & mysteries
after she emptied herself,
all who comes now calls her a harlot.

I became so angry that her generosity & love was taken for foolishness,
& her kindness for Vein,

So I curse the land
these herbs considerd as weeds
called Mary-Jane,

I wrote revelations in her Brother
to capture our victimize relatives
her deep tears of BRIGHT MORNING STAR 🌞 Cuptic-hellas
the nations that came off from her,

as she shed tears of blood constantly day and night weeping and mourning
culture, religion, tradition
& education
has been stolen away from me
I am emptied & left alone
with no one to comfort me.

I embraced her deeply
for I know her prophet I sent forth will awaken,
and she shall be restored again
to formal glory.

So I returned Kush to dust
if they'll consider my "Art"(Sholomon),
Filled the sea of Kenmet with blood
if they'll remember my "Act" (Iyesus),
I Judged every error & imbalance at Babylonia-Ur
when they ask for my very "Heart"(Yédidiah),
while burning at my everlasting fire from Cuptic-hellàs
when they asked where I AM is "At" (Immanuel),
Hey (ORĪSHA'NLÀ) needed "Ma'at"
 Before (ẞHÆÑGØ) is "Out"
In his Obatàlà "Hat"
Brave Harted Mat of ÔRUNMÎLÅW.
Here Ī Math ÆDÂMHŪ

He who markes the Big bang crystal stars signs & Kinetic Lamuel completed lily ant & ******.

I tutor days,
Appointed seasons
placed time before ancient stones,
beat kingdoms to bruises
And answered himself in scrolls only,
Need no reward from mortal man.
Earth 🌎 Īsreal
Sātalitē Town•