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Sean C Johnson Sep 2013
Sleep eludes me in the presence of these sheets
No matter how I force myself to forget your scent, they keep reminding me
As the table reminisces of the conversations that accompanied our every meal
The brass door knobs always tell me how they miss the way your soft hands would feel
As your eager fingers twisted them quick upon your arrival home
The wooden floors creak and moan
Forever mentioning the lightness of your step
The pillows talk about the warmth of your breath
Even the switches speak of how you would turn out the lights
Before you tucked into those very sheets and kissed me goodnight
Laying still, alone in an empty room
I gave everything away because it would remind me of you...
Sean C Johnson Aug 2013
The memories creep up on me, latching in like vines into the rough weathered walls of brick
growing thick
a tangled mess I seem to find myself all to often caught within
these fingers still remember your skin
how they ache and tremble
feels as if my hands break and re-assemble
into the very shape and mold
I used when I would hold
your hands
The memories creep up on me, tainting my dreams with false hopes of a prosperous tomorrow
I would beg, steal or borrow
the memories of another to wash my mind's sheets clean of the stains you left haunting
I'd wipe it all clear move forward never wanting
the smooth feel of your lips upon my own
The memories creep up on me, every time that I'm alone...
Sean C Johnson Aug 2013
I'd move heaven and earth
Every ounce of paradise and dirt
Every seraphim and cherubim, every hinge off the pearly gates
Force the seas to dissipate
Cast my soul to the prevailing winds, let them carry it to your feet
Take my heart incomplete
Placing the pieces of your heart's puzzle we can't seem to find
Into the proper portions completing mine
I'd move it all, because words fall short and soft on ears beckoning action
I'd paint a masterpiece of my compassion
Using the early evening sky for my canvas blank and waiting
Dip my brush into the sun's beam radiating
Coat the clouds with hues of orange, pink and blue
I'd move heaven and earth
Every ounce of paradise and dirt
To show my love to you...
Sean C Johnson Aug 2013
Let's bury the lovely inconsistencies 
Leave the intimate fallacies to mystery
Then my perception of your passion fits with me
Red brick to mortar 
you laid your deceit in a building order
Despite the inherent wrecking ball tendencies you chose to utilize
Blind to my youthful eyes
Let's brush the displaced fervor for lust under makeshift throw rugs
Void of emotion until you know no love
As exhilarating as the love you left long ago as leaves of dogwood trees in a late Pennsylvanian november
Rigid structures that wait a season to return to the lively form they remember
Bare white bark and dead extremities 
Bare as your stockpile of passion meant for me
The surplus became a short supply when I left your graces
Amidst the sea of faces
You encounter in the places
You replace me to fill the voids and spaces
My memory laced with traces
Of your gentle touch, a cool spring breeze to my sun soaked skin
Recalling the ominous climb before the downward spin
We always seem to find ourselves in
Perhaps the fact the rush of the climb washes my mind of the inevitable collapse
I all too often push the moment from thoughts of past
The sinking in my stomach peaking the point of no return
As I set my eyes to the horizon and watch us burn
In the setting sun of an Middle eastern summer
Your lightning fast decisions to leave never compared to the rolling thunder
That swept over my soul
When you tore the hole
In the hazel eyed sky of my perception
with your ill fated rejection
Casting projections 
Of your likeness in the constellations 
Trembling fingers wait patient
Making comparisons and relations 
Between every aspect of you I savored
To Orion's belt, cassiopeia, ursa major
Every slight shift in its luminous glow
A subtle reminder to me of the love you will never know
Intergalactic representations paint the stage for supernovas
Expunging the lovely aroma 
I grew accustom to
Coming to harsh realizations there's no reciprocal paid in full for the love I loved for you.
Sean C Johnson Aug 2013
Heat lightning paints the African evening sky silent
The light dampened by the bank of clouds light explosions trapped inside it
The dust whipping my face warm and smooth
Eyes set to the horizon with thoughts of you
The distant flashes turn dust clouds from brown to blue
Every instant I'm more and more captivated
As I stand ever so still and patient
Praying with the desert storm the winds will carry you to me
Over sands and seas
Praying it may bring me home into your embrace
I sit still watching light flash from the heavens as the desert storm keeps me in this place
Sands brush my face
Praying a break in the storm a chance to see the moon
A chance to see any glimpse of you...
Sean C Johnson Jul 2013
A wolf never becomes man's best friend when locked away
Gnawing with ****** teeth and gums at the bars of the cage
Never turning to the aiding hands of man
Remaining wild howling and snarling from sun rise to rest
The eerie fog that comes from his breath
As his labored breathing
Lingers in the air of the evening
Heart only beating for three reasons,
Eating, sleeping, and dreaming of freedom
All other facets of life fade into the abyss
Of his existence
Snarling howling, sneering scowling
Aching for reprieve from the metal confines
The same ache pouring from my eyes
For the wolf and I share the same plight
Calling to the moon at night
Wild souls trapped locked away
Never bowing to society's demands trapped in this cage
Sean C Johnson Jul 2013
I remember my life avalanching on a ***** of no particular location worth remembering
I recall the fire of our love fading and embering
The hot coals of your soul turning black with the breeze
That swept over the car as you tore a life apart
I remember wishing to tear out my heart
If I could only take it from your lockbox of love
Where I misplaced all my trust
You would sprinkle on your fairy dust
Explaining how it's best for us
Even how I should've known this was coming
These god forsaken legs won't start running
Better to bear the brunt of your blade slowly slicing two lives from one
I remember my life avalanching on a ***** of no particular location worth noting
I remember you walking into my life but can never recall you going
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