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As the fire dies; back to the shadow.  Like red coals in my soul, they too will soon flee and follow.

What once burned so bright, just as quickly turns back to the night.

Oh how I wish it'd stay, to have it once more for another day.

And as I turn and have left, to ashes now It is swept.

Like a poem I read in a time since gone.
About a choice in a wood; a Path that will, and a Path that could.

To burn with courage in my choice, to listen hard for that still small Voice.

It is my Hope, when in the dark to find the Fire, bright and burning back in my Heart.  

This is my Heart Fire.
fire - is joy in peoples company, particularly family, and close friends
read coals - like a fire, coals without more kindling will die out.
night - everyone most go back to where there are to be
stay -  you can wish for the moment to last forever but it can't
It - uppercased, memories and times passed
poem - Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"
choice - I too must go, but to have the courage to go in confidence towards the "choice"
Voice - God's will for my/your life
Hope - Christ to direct my paths
Fire - To be burning with passion to serve Jesus in the days ahead
Heart - its not my life but Christ's
I once read a Little Book,
and what I found, is what I took.

For from this Little book, what is said, I may have.

Free for all and all for One.
Whats been said, whats been Won.

No jokes, no games,
this Little Book has many Names.

But, it's Truth and Tidings, For You and I,
will brings Us to Him who sits on High.

For this Little Book has held me fast,
in Storms so fierce I alone,
could never last.

And as I've grown in Seas so strong,
He has been there all along.

Small in size, to human eyes.

This Little book will hold its weight,
For You He pinned it and will wait.

So come on friend now is time,
For You this Book is yours and mine.

Not to fool, not to trick,
this Little Book is very thick.

In your heart now you know of The Book that I wright.

For I am serious when I say,
this Little Book knows the Way.

So come with me and we shall see,
what The Book reads to Be.

This Little Book
The wolf inside is weak and frail, his Pack is distant and far, his fur and skin are matted and mangy.  

His howl once full of Joy and Power is brought low, Painful and Angry.

The wind; cold and bitter,
pushes the wolf into Darkness of winter.

The Birds circle and mock, giving chase for their moment of feasting.
His heart cries buried inside, racing and beating.

The wolf must rise to withstand the night; to rise and make war with all his might.

The wolf must rise to give pursuit of his Kin, if left to the birds, in his Heart they will roost.

Arise the Wolf inside to continue the Path ahead,
but, as the season comes, so does the challenge in his head.

For the Wolf that is wise endure he must, for it will not all return back to Dust.  

To Rise and give chase for the prize of his Heart.
The Wolf will rise to battle this dark.

The Wolf alone, thinks he is,
but within sight, the Leader comes to finish the Promise He said, is His.

Rise up the Wolf Inside.
wolf - lowercase, beat down by the pressures of the world and completely defeated by its challenges.
Pack - christian friends and family
howl - personality
wind - everyday stresses of life
Darkness - the evil of the world brought in by Satan's tricks
winter - a season of life
buried -  unseen to others
war - the call to fight against sin  
Kin - same as the Pack
Birds - carnal thoughts, images, pressures, and people
Heart - the choice to be defeated or fight and carry on
Path - the christian walk through life
head - a sickness unsolvable
Wolf - uppercase, still struggling but realizing that he will survive
Dust - death and utter defeat
prize of his heart - Jesus and the salvation promised
battle this dark - a trial that will be defeated though Christ
Leader - Jesus
Promise - Christ's return and salvation in everlasting life

Rise up the Wolf Inside - A Christian walk with Jesus and the struggle to carry on

— The End —