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Dhruv Kohli Mar 2017
He dreams of being the velvet feather, that speck
or the blossom in sedating breeze.
How he would jaunt and float
in solitude, oblivious of time,
seeking purpose.

he wakes,
his dream, it breaks.
trapped in a grim well, so deep.
he screams.
tumbling, weak.
Time was now a tantalizing continuum.

" He stands alone,
too weak, too bleak, too blind.
Desperation to seek the uncertain light.
A belief in him had died."

He became a memory of himself,
Cold, Fading...

came the slaughtering rain,
calming, terrifying.
Helpless, he flutters.
His knuckles,
they bleed as the walls became
a canvas of his agony.
"LORD", he screamed,
his eyes shut.
drenched, drowning as the water rose.
Every breath was now a struggle.

Now came a light
from the dingy unknown.
Blinding, breathing.
"what are you?" he screamed.
his voice cracked as the walls around him didn't.
Facing him was his last speck of romance.
His trembling lips met Hers.
"I was waiting for you", he timidly said.
"come hither, my love", She softly whispered.

Vulnerable, thrilled, numb
all at once.

He looked in Her eyes.

How lovely.
How alluring.

he smiles.
She was beautiful.
Dhruv Kohli Oct 2015
Our feet sunk in sand,
The sun professing goodbye.
Her hands in my hand,
the seraphic serene smile.
Kisses and embraces,
sublime Imaginations.
With no one by my side,
poignant Revelations...
Dhruv Kohli Oct 2015
Now our little forever crumbled to a million nevers
Preposterous as it is....
Its okay not to be okay:)
Dhruv Kohli Oct 2015
When I was sunk in flames
and you just walked away,
when all of me broke,and
I didn't have a say,
Now the echoes of tranquility pervade in space.
Shooting Stars we were,
shot to grow pale.
Now that night of ours
was the last stargaze.
The storm then approached
and I began to fade.
It consumed myself,
My Horizon was Reached.
The shackles were in shatters,
maybe its all meant to be.
*Our Shadows hold hands no more
#love #pain #tranquility
Dhruv Kohli Oct 2015
Here,I sit under the tree.
Playing a game of shade and sun with the branches and leaves.
I don't know them,
yet they reveal me.
I,a Mighty stranger,
Struggle to envision the panorama of the skies.
Truth and lies?
In the treacherous company of delusions,
I go seek.
Now,I lay on Earth
with the dried maple leaves.
And the skies divulge,
as the clouds glide with the eddies of wind and well,time.
Is time the reminder of existence?
Or is it the lane of memories?
Yet only one road is known to me.
Thus I rise from dust,
Shedding off the leaves and soil.
To bid adieu to the trees and the skies
who still prize their Unknown.
Time,was now preposterous.
The sun descending in a bliss.
I go to seek a Great Perhaps.

— The End —