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Her beauty shrouded,  
Her personality hidden,  
In crippling anxiety,  
From which her depression is driven.  
Her true self,  
Only to be shown in flashes of happiness,  
Small moments of laughter.  

All the while,  
She's so ******* herself,  
Her emotions contagious,  
Infecting me the more I see them.    

It's ridiculous,
Emotions that are not mine,
Overwhelm me,
Her sadness drives me crazy,
And yet she suppreses them,

What is killing me,
Multiplied by a hundred,
Can only be seen,
After staring into her eyes.
I missed you before you even left.
Now that you’re gone I can feel your absence in every step.
I can’t escape the shadows of this tangible emptiness.
Strangely, it’s easier to feel than presence.

You left so soon, there was no farewell.
I don't know where you’ve gone or why,
but when you become a ghost,
come back and haunt me.

You’ll always be in my heart,
and you’ll always be my daydreams,
but I need you in my reality,
even if you’re only real to me.

Come back like those faded photographs,
with our school books, young love, and backpacks.
We were never high school sweethearts, never really sweet.
We were guitars, and singing, and poetry.

We were like a summer storm,
blowing away everything in our path.
Thunder always let lightning go first,
and I guess old habits die hard.

But I was never meant to be alone,
missing your harmony to my melody.
It’s harming me and I can't find the right note,
to capture your goodbye and to capture your soul.

So, I know they say people only become ghosts if they have a reason to stay,
but can't I be your reason? I need you for my rainy days,
because you can't have thunder without lightning,
Only storming skies and raining eyes and ghostly goodbyes.

— The End —