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and with a flash of Yellow your World Turned Upside Down,
now Lost+ and confused with the windows all closed fearing all the White Shadows,
you run towards Amsterdam, hoping, praying for a Ladder To The Sun,
back to Square One finding yourself walking through another Rainy Day,
but you knew I was coming and so you did not stray,
remembering my Postcards From Far Away... of course with Twisted Logic,
We Never Change…
"Till Kingdom Come" is what they said
Death and All His Friends you see
"One last trip to Violet Hill," I begged
and washed away, Yes, Swallowed In The Sea…and
there beneath the Crest of Waves I lie waiting to return again...
Viva La Vida Brothers and Sisters for I shall See You Soon!
I'll return with Sparks to watch them burn, just ashes from a fire under the moon...

— The End —